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  1. Sadly yes... I like the kid but feel like he needs time to be a rookie. I hate to see this kid with so much talent be placed in the sink or swim situation he's in. I don't want to see him make rookie mistakes and be deemed as a "bust" I think it would be a lot better for him and the team to use him as a rotation player until he and the staff know he's ready to be the guy.
  2. I feel his drafting has been solid... Its his free agent signings that have been the issue he pays way to much for bad players Landry Thomas Cherlis ( no idea how to spell that) Bradshaw Nicks Heyward bey Rjf Jones The list goes on So how do we know gore, Johnson, hermans, Cole, Lowery and Irving are going to amount to anything on this team? I'm not saying they won't but I'd hate for history to repeat its self.
  3. Are you saying we got this Moore feller when we could have had rg3!?!?! What is this front office doing???? We have plenty of room on the ir for him!
  4. That's good I mean Ballard will be there next week! Its good he won't be the only HB on ir again this year
  5. 1-15 luck is going to blow up his knee on the first play Sunday
  6. exactly it was huge when he was drafted because once again we needed a safty and everyone was ticked
  7. sanders 5'8" yeah we hate small safties
  8. Honestly I don't think we will have Set 3 WR I think Hilton, Johnson, moncrief, and dosett will all spit equal or close to equal time. And Carter as an occasional sub in
  9. I know a lot of us are mad about the the dorsett pick but if I remember correctly a lot of us were mad about drafting moncrief last year as well. 2014- leading up to the draft we all thought we were set at WR. With Wayne Hilton nicks Rogers Brazil and Whalen. But with our 3rd round pick we take donate moncrief leaving us with 7 WRs. The moncrief pick was very irritating to a lot of fans but now we are glad we took it! Because Brazil was arrested, Rogers was arrested, Wayne was injured all year, and nicks was a bust. That left us with only 2 good options at WR Hilton and moncrief. 2015 now leading up to this years draft we thought again that we were all figured out again at WR. With Hilton, Johnson, Moncrief, Carter, Brown, and Whalen. Now we have Dorsett to add to the mix. Leaving our line up like this 1 Hilton 2 Johnson 3 Dorsett 4 Moncrief 5 Carter 6 Brown/Whalen In my opinion that is an amazing line up we have 3 great starters and moncrief and Carter to rotate in to keep our line up fresh, not to mention depth in case an injury occurres.
  10. well it can go a lot farther than a player for need (Jonny manzel)
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