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  1. It seems like we say this every year, and then the Jags and the Titans under preform greatly.
  2. 1.Packers 2.Seahawks 3.Colts 4.Ravens 5.Patriots 6.Steelers 7.Broncos 8.Lions 9.Cowboys 10.Cardinals
  3. I feel bad for you and your terrible sense of humor then.
  4. TY has gotten shutdown by him every time they matched up.
  5. You're the only one who thinks that was funny.
  6. The throw to Moncrief in the Bengals game.
  7. Resplash

    top 100

    Vontae is one of the best cornerbacks in the league. He should make it.
  8. Should be pretty obvious that he's comparing it to the Dorsett hate.
  9. So did I. Robinson does look pretty good though.
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