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  1. All depends if we want 4 rb, or 5 safeties, or 5 ILB, which will ultimately depend on the amount of player we can put in certain spots. I like our dline, they can all move around and play different positions
  2. I just think boom will always be a back up, if ballard is healthy i choose him everytime
  3. A few minor adjustments for you guys then, mainly back up roles which will play maybe unless its dline rotation ext. You had to go there with the white runningback didnt you, dont worry it went through my mind aswell
  4. Chuck Zurlon on the PS For me boom will always be a back up, average one at that. The only reason everyone is so high on him is because trent wasnt hard to replace, he looked like a god when he started. We need to develop guys to start when gore is done (ballard, robinson, varga) Heenan PS guy, if injury strikes hell come up Thomas to many injuries and saves us some money Werner 3 years is long enough for a 1 round guy to produce hes done nothing just taking up a spot for a player who could come in and develop more (newsome, hodges) Muamba has done alright, if we need 5 ILB he would be in, but
  5. Let me know what you think & if you would change anything I have 10 Rookies on the 53 Man Squad, a lot i know (all depth roles to start the season but could change), but i think there are quite a few 3rd and 4th year players who just aren't showing enough to get them through this year Players who we picked up in Free Agency Players who were out for the year or weren't at 100% but still played Rookies Drafted or UDFA's QB Andrew Luck Matt Hasslebeck RB Frank Gore Vick Ballard Josh Robinson Tyler Varga* WR1 T.Y. Hilton Philip Dorsett WR2 Andre Johnson Duron Carter WR3 Donte M
  6. Gore #1 Ballard #2 Robinson #3 Tyler Varga #4 who can be a FB Not a fan of boom
  7. Carolina - 4th Round Daryl Williams Baltimore - Didnt draft a T Buffalo - Didnt draft a T Eagles - Didnt draft a T Vikings - 4th Round T.J Clemmings Bucs - 2nd Round Donovan Smith Arizona - 1st round D.J Humphries Rams - 2nd round Rob Havenstein; 3rd round Jamon Brown; 4th round Andrew Donnal Dolphins - Didnt draft a T Lions - 7th round Corey Robinson Alot of these teams also drafted G's but im not sure if they can transition to the T spot, let alone start day 1. there looks to be at least 4 teams that could be a landing spot for Collins including us. its unlikely he'll pick a team who draf
  8. I think either Hodges or Galea will make the 53 and the other the PS. I think Cam Johnson will go this year and Werner will go next year. I really like what ive seen from Galea, he plays with so much passion and relentlessness it reminds me of watching Brian Cushing mic'd up. He doesn't just tackle you he finishes each play, drives runners back and throws them around. Hodges has a big motor and a very good first step, he may be a bit on the lighter/smaller size but if he goes on the PS he will have some time to build up and get stronger to take on the bigger players in the league. i ha
  9. When do the first cuts start? And down to how many players?
  10. I think getting Mathis back to near 100% and the addition of Cole make a massive difference this year having two guys that can get to the QB if we are rushing with our 34 rushing 5 guys, and even of passing downs when we are in a 43 we wont need to rush everyone to get a sack this year. those two guys plus slide newly acquired Anderson inside with Jones maybe, we don't need to rush the 2 MLB's to get to the QB. They are very disruptive in the run game as well coming off the edge, which means the NT DE and DT can focus on containing the inside runs 100% and know that they have those 2 outside w
  11. I think he considers is, probably the best chance to start on a super bowl ready team. its likely a 50/50 chance Cherilus goes down and Collins will have to step up. If he signs with us he likely starts next year
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