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  1. Used sparingly yet still can't make it past 3 games. Be gone brittle Bradshaw.
  2. If Gore, Bradshaw and Boom can all stay healthy, then this is a pretty darn good stable of RB's.
  3. Yup, I had high hopes for Robinson but Boom is better than he and Tipton by a large margin.
  4. He is keeping the team in Indy while a few other owners are looking at greener pastures in LA California. Yeah I like him.
  5. He has a loooong way to go to beat out Whalen right now with his inability to stay healthy, route running, questionable hands and playbook knowledge. Next year Dorsett could easily beat out Andre for his spot if he works on some of his deficiencies.
  6. 34 points is the most this defense has given up this year, that should be good enough for at least a couple games above 500 for our supposedly 'high powered' offense to win games. The defense isn't the problem with this team this season.
  7. Why the hate on Manusky? His defense has done well this season regardless of turnovers and three and outs from our offense.
  8. I hope this changes under Chud's control, moving the chains is much more important than a flashy play from time to time. Methodically moving the ball up and down the field wears down the opposing defense, three and outs do not.
  9. He doesn't need to be a 2 because he is a slot receiver. The Colts never asked Stokley or Collie to be a 2 because they are two very different positions.
  10. There has been a lot of chatter about Whalen on here lately, so who is your top three receivers and why? I am going with the speed of TY and Moncrief on the outsides and the Griffer as our sure handed slot machine. Johnson is toast and Dorsett needs the offseason to learn the playbook and just stay healthy.
  11. It's going to be a nail biter down the stretch with Luck out a month and Houston winning last night.
  12. Touche', good points. Doyle is one of my favorites, just a hard nosed player.
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