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  1. interesting that you give Werner an A+, he is a good pick but not exactly a perfect pick
  2. Total Draft Grade: C- 1st Round: Bjoern Werner: B- 3nd Round: Hugh Thornton: C- 4th Round: Khaled Holmes: D- 5th Round: Montori Hughes: D 6th Round: John Boyett: C- 7th Round: Kerwynn Williams: A 7th Round: Justice Cunningham: D-
  3. Jarvis jones Star Xavier Rhodes Deandre Hopkins Justin hunter Ziggy Ansah Desmond Trufant Jesse Williams Warmack/ cooper Bjoren Werner Sheldon Richardson Carridine I'm passing on Keenan Allen due to drug test plus poor speed
  4. I think I did well Round 1 Pick 24: Chance Warmack, OG, Alabama (A) Round 3 Pick 24: Jesse Williams, DT, Alabama (A) Round 4 Pick 24: B.W. Webb, CB, William & Mary (A) Round 6 Pick 24: Anthony McCloud, DT, Florida State (A) Round 7 Pick 24: Gerald Hodges, OLB, Penn State (A) Round 7 Pick 48 (COMP): Branden Smith, CB, Georgia (A)
  5. Is our online complete or do we need more pieces
  6. 1. Deandre Hopkins- I could just imagine the threat of TY Hopkins allen/fleener and wayne 3. Sam Montgomery- if WAlden plays like Green Bay walden, the colts will need a replacement soon 4. Alvin bailey- I don't know about you but I'm not exactly salivating over the prospects for the final guard spot
  7. I'm thinking about jesse Williams or deandre Hopkins and Xavier Rhodes would be nice too
  8. I think it will be Oakland. Arizona and the jets a close second and third
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