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  1. We technically have a gronk, just not the best one

    1. BrentMc11


      Our Gronk may not even make the team.....

  2. Offensive monster

  3. ashlon jeffry in the 2nd fan club

  4. If I was the colts GM I would start by hiring jay gruden as HC Then resign Mathis ,Saturday ,jamaal Anderson, and garcon andrestructure Peyton's contract. Cut brackett vinitari and Clark and Gonzalez Then draft luck trade up to 13 th pick offering next year 1st round pick and a3 round and a 7th rd pick to draft Michael Floyd to get a big body receiver then use our 2nd round pick on cornerback and use our 5 th and 4th on ol or another corner then using our 6th round for a kicker and sign a dynamic kick returner and most of all CUT PAINTER
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