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  1. he will probably hold those records for about 7-8 years until somebody breaks everyone of them in this pass happy era.
  2. Favre takes risks. He is a natural born risk taker. Arod is allergic to making mistakes. it's a different type of approach. and we saw how toned down 'game managing' favre can do with the vikings. and you can't compare numbers when you compare these 2. i think favre is undervalued and under appreciated. yes, he is a gunslinger, but when he was doing his thing, favre was awesome. i think it's very close. IMO, it depends on what kind of team you have. not many coaches can put up with favre's style. and on a dysfunctional team arod might lose the team because of his lack of v
  3. pay him 20 mil with more guaranteed money than cam.
  4. arguably the greatest player ever lived doesn't even make top 10 money. injustice!
  5. tell that to Forbes. 16% files bankruptcy, but 80% go through 'financial stress'.
  6. since when praising a player for doing things right became a wrong thing? i'll never understand fans' logic. Player A - saves money, financial freedom after retirement, no regrets (20% of NFL players) Player B - doesn't save money, goes broke after retirement, regrets after regrets (80% of NFL players) Player A is a model citizen, and we as a fan should praise him. why? because 4 out of 5 NFL players go through a major financial stress. in a world where player B is the norm, player A should be praised. Not only that player A should actively participate in a league wide 'wealth ma
  7. 3million in 5 years is a lot for you and a lot for me. but maybe it's not that much for these athletes when you start living like millionaire athlete. these are things they do right off the bat: buy a house cars party taking care of families jewelries clothes foods it goes away quickly. watch any of these documentaries about players going broke. they will all tell you how quickly you can burn millions. obviously gronk probably didn't buy a mansion, probably didn't buy 5 ferraris and lambos. that's why he was able to live off of his 3 mil. Gronk could've easily spent all his weal
  8. more young black men in inner cities are in a criminal system than college. http://www.politifact.com/wisconsin/statements/2015/may/05/ben-carson/more-black-men-criminal-justice-system-college-pre/ the environment you live in changes who you are. it reshapes your being. i'm a big basketball fan. when dwight howard first entered NBA he was a good christian boy from God fearing family. He always preached about 'it's all about serving God'. 'praise the lord'. he looked sincere. he always had a big smile and just looked and acted like he really was a strong christian. years later he
  9. you don't think this is a big deal? this article says 80% of nfl player go broke http://www.businessinsider.com/financial-advisor-insights-february-10-2015-2 and 16% of NFL players go bankrupt within 12 years http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/eye-on-football/25150276/study-16-percent-of-nfl-players-go-bankrupt-within-12-years broke vs. bankruptcy http://fivethirtyeight.com/features/theres-a-difference-between-broke-and-bankrupt-for-ex-nfl-players/ bottom line this is a serious business. athletes have a culture of living a wild life & making bad financial decisions. many of them th
  10. it's easier said than done. these players are young. and they just hit a jackpot. it changes your life. there will be temptations. there will be bad investments. there will be leaches who want the piece of your wealth. looking after families. bad purchases after bad purchases. parties. night clubs. rocks, cars, and yachts. and all of sudden it becomes your life style. it becomes a drug. money & fame complicates life. remember not only they have money, but they also have fame - something most of us will never have. gronk needs to be praised for his smart choice.
  11. that's a ridiculous assumption. before BB/brady, boston was redsox/celtics/bruins town. boston really didn't have to go all out for pats because they always had those 3 teams to root for. but things have changed. football is the most popular sports in the country and in boston. pats own the city. win or lose people live and die football. thx to bb/brady, but also thx to how sports climate changed over the years. winning changes the fan base. you can call them a fair weather fans all you want, but pats fanbase is here to stay.
  12. he made a career choice of coming out from the closet. it was gonna be mt everest to climb. locker room is vulgar. 9 out of 10 guys are probably a nasty macho adrenaline junkies. maybe he should start his own firm that reaches out to gay athletes.
  13. at the end of the day, whether brady did it or not, the punishment is just too harsh. from 25k to 4 games(1.88mil)? that's nonsense. this is not even on a footnote if Alex Smith did it. i think we should all move on, and just talk football. i'm really tired of this.
  14. why doesn't montana be #2 in category 2? after all he played with cheaters majority of his career. and he knew about it.
  15. IMO elway never had brady/manning's consistency. he is an all timer because he had so many great moments, and he looked like legit GOAT in many games. and the talent is undeniable. but he just wasn't consistently great IMO.
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