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  1. prolly cause the ( big bad) New England patriots have already revived the biggest fine in NFL history .
  2. ohhh how much I love this post!!!!!! Don't forget virilundant or whatever the hell his name is and am football who will kiss Brady's * til the end of time
  3. you can't use that against them!! they cry when you use this cause don't you know spygate wasn't that bad! Lol
  4. I would love that trade I think dion would be a beast in a 3-4
  5. I do think we need to go strong after Terrance Knighton to help out Art on our D line
  6. yes I agree think if they are done they should trade him to a 4-3 team
  7. you get that from what exactly only reason you had a chance this year is cause everyone else ahead was losing how many times has the texans been the the AFC championship??
  8. you need teams to lose to get a chance into the playoffs
  9. he disappeared for awhile and showed up right after we lost lol
  10. Our coaching is fine can't you tell by our stats?? thought Pagano came from the ravens where they have mean * kicking defenses not this sorry * thing we have
  11. or if that player was drafted by a sucky team and wants to leave??
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