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  1. Not gloating. I said and have been saying that on paper, on the field, on trends, and on every metric you can use to evaluate a game, I don't see the Patriots losing this one. That is not gloating. I am being honest. I may be totally wrong and I'll have to deal with that. Nothing about the Colts worries me in terms of this game. I can't fake worry.
  2. The Patriots had the benefit of seeing how that story ends, and it ends very well. Luck may very well turn around and he has the skills to be a top-tier QB. For the last couple years now, sports writers have been eager to put him on par with Brady/Rodgers, and certainly he is not there yet. Outside looking in, he makes too many dumb mistakes with the football, and rather than eating a ball or throwing it away, he tries to make plays that are dead, and throws some of the worst INTs of any "star" QB I've seen. I've always said this. Down by 3, and with 2 minutes left, is there any another QB y
  3. There are hundreds of scenarios. I'm saying I see none of them *happening* Sunday night.
  4. It may sound big-headed, but it's true. I see NO WAY ON EARTH the Patriots lose this game. It's my opinion, and yours may vary. But looking at what both teams have done, are doing, and the history, etc. If you guys pull off a win, I'll come back here and take my lumps and say how wrong I was. But unless they miss their flight, I can't see anything other than a victory.
  5. Injury is part of the game. It's the risk you take on every snap. But you better knock him out early if you want the win.
  6. LOL. They will have to lock me up and throw away the key for me to miss this game. I said before the season, if Patriots win only one game this year, this will be the game. Now that they are 4-0 and getting ready to roll, I haven't been this excited about a game since the Super Bowl.
  7. Xs and Os.. football. I think Patriots win going away. We are looking at the same set of numbers/stats. If we come to a different conclusion, so be it.
  8. That may all be well and good. I'm only saying that I can't see any scenario where the Patriots do not win this game, purely from a talent standpoint. The score may be debatable, but I can't see the Colts winning this game. That's even throwing aside all the other stuff and the fact Brady and Co. will want to embarrass you guys at home. The Patriots are just too tough.
  9. Matchup wise, I just don't see Luck (or any replacement) having any better luck, no pun intended, than Colts have had during the last several matchups. For whatever reason, the Patriots just have their number. I prefer to play Colts when they are playing at a high level, and I don't want to just see a practice session out there. That's what I got with the Jacksonville game. Practice.
  10. You apparently haven't watched the Patriots over the years. Yes, bend don't break is my serious answer. Teams have always been able to get down the field, but often come away with nothing or 3 points. However, since this game is going to get out of hand early, whomever is the QB will be passing mostly, and you won't be going for field goals. If this gets to be 21-0, it could be a shutout as you'll be passing every time. Yes, final answer.
  11. Go look at the game info from last game. Some of those guys were there, didn't do much. I expect the Patriots to play the game of the year (for them). I don't see Colts doing much. I may be wrong, but I can easily see a 50 burger this week. They should have had 50 in Buffalo, but Brady got a bit carried away going for the throat on 4th rather than converting. Last week, it was a quiet 30, and 3rd down conversion hurt them (3 of 10). I don't expect the same this week.
  12. If Dez was out there, they shut him down, just like they will shut down Hilton. They take out the best man and force you to beat them with someone else. Watch Sunday, I'll bet they have over the top help come down on Hilton so he will never really be open after first contact. Hilton had 1 catch for 36 yards last year in the AFCCG. That's the same thing I expect this week. Someone else is going to have to step up.
  13. Bend but don't break my friend. That's what we do. We let teams go on long runs, wasting clock, then ending up with 3. Just ask the Cowboys about that.
  14. Hey! LOL Do I know you? I don't get many people shouting my handle... well only in anger, but that looks more like excitement!
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