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  1. Who do y'all got if Bama played the Raiders? Or last year's Browns? Some reddit discussions have tried to argue the best college team could hang with the worst nfl team.
  2. If this season ends in 4-12 or 3-13, is there a chance Reich gets fired? Personally, I don't believe he should be fired. This team needs continuity. Just asking if it could happen.
  3. Brackett, Mathis, Freeney, & Sanders were household names on D. But how good was Harper? How important was he to the defense?
  4. Does it not look kind of foolish to celebrate they way they did down 14 points? I know there are more important things to discuss, but it kind of bothered me. You're down 14 points and haven't done much of anything all game. Furthermore, none of our defenders actually did anything spectacular to make the pick happen. Hogan screwd it up royally.
  5. No. But one poor season (2011) after a decade plus of excellence led to the threat of TV blackouts in 2012. They've been unable to consistently sellout playoff games.
  6. Fairweather fans. Plain and simple. They were a powerhouse for a decade with Manning. One losing season & fans bail.
  7. This game won't be pretty....for NE. That's right, I predict we win by at least 10. I'm a fan that doesn't just judge a team by their record. This team has shown lots of fight.
  8. The Patriots also passed on Brady five times before drafting him. They thought he had limitations too. There's a video somewhere that has coaches reading his scouting report from the draft. In essence, everyone thought he'd be a nice backup with good leadership abilities.
  9. Realistically? A lot would need to happen ( Go right) for them to win a SB this season. Dungy is a fan boy. If the Colts were facing the 85 Bears this season, he'd pick Indy.
  10. If he retired tomorrow, is he a hall of Famer?
  11. He was a month or so away from turning 31 in SB 41. Not to nitpick lol. Unfortunately, the Colts are not better than the Jags & Texans. Debatable on the Titans. Even if Luck is a top five QB, it'll still be extremely difficult to win a SB.
  12. I'm not suggesting Luck hasn't been a great QB. I am simply looking to see where others are.
  13. Has Luck lived up to the "Expectations"? Remember he was touted as being the " Next Elway" coming out of Stanford. He was the next " Big thing". Awful OL lines, unspectacular coaching, & injuries have all impacted his career to this point. It's not all on him. I wanna make that clear. How do you judge and/or analyze Luck's career to this point?
  14. I grew up in the Manning era. 12-4 was a given. IT was SB or bust. I realize that times have changed. Maybe I should lower my expectations.
  15. Colts were up 10-3 when Garvin dropped that pass. My apologies
  16. Could be good or bad: For example, in 2006 the defense was atrocious for the final month of the season. Sanders returned for the postseason. The rest was history. Sadly, the death of Dungy's son in 2005 really had an impact. They never looked the same ( Rightfully so too) after that. Another example: Colts are up 10-0 in SB XLIV. On third down ( I think it was third down) Garcon drops a pass that likely would've lead to six. Saints get the ball back, and end up doing damage. It also goes without saying how big the Hank Bask onside kick thing was.
  17. Boy has this franchise really fallen by the waste side. Now, 9-7 is a reason to celebrate around here.
  18. There will be tons of tickets available for this season. Fan apathy is at an all time high.
  19. Jeff Fisher anyone? According to Arizona Sports' Mike Jurecki, ex-Rams coach Jeff Fisher wants to get back into the NFL in 2018 and "could be eyeing" the Bears, Browns, and Colts' jobs if they open. The Ringer's Mike Lombardi recently advised not to rule out Fisher getting another shot due to having a "lot of contacts" around the league and in the NFL offices. Fisher played and coached for the Bears back in the 1980s. But after his disaster run with the Rams and now seeing Sean McVay turn it around in just one season, it would be near impossible to sell a fan base
  20. That SB, albeit great for the Colts, was one of the worst SB's I can remember. Obviously the rain played a factor.
  21. Yet others would be here screaming for his head if Brisset through a pick six. Chuck has been very loyal to this organization. Furthermore, he's a good man. Hopefully he stays on board.
  22. Pending Pagano is fired, will you be renewing your seats?
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