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  1. Maybe I was spoiled by the Manning era. But there was a time when I expected the Colts to win every game. SB or bust. It's been way too long since we've been in SB or bust mode.
  2. No to Wentz. Hell no. It's no coincidence the team wins a SB with Foles. And are a Jeffery drop away from upsetting New Orleans. Only to trade Foles, and start Wentz. They've gone backwards ever since. And he's injury prone. Say what you want about old man Rivers. But at least he's durable. Also not sure why the Patriots would want Rivers. They need a full rebuild of their roster.
  3. Brissett needs to be out there throwing the hail mary. With all due respect to Rivers. Who gave us a chance to win today.
  4. Reich needs to get to a few AFC title games at minimum before we compare him to Reid imo.
  5. Ding ding ding. McNabb owes his success to Reid. Yet Reid is vilified in Philly for not winning a championship. Hell it's a miracle some of his teams got to the championship game. And it's a miracle the Eagles had a chance at beating the Patriots in SB 39. Those Patriots teams were loaded. Alex Smith's success is because of Reid too. Those Chiefs teams with Smith had no business being as good as they were. Long story short, we are in agreement.
  6. Reid has always been a great coach though. He made McNabb better than he was. Look what he did with Alex Smith. Reid's issues were always clock management. Reich shouldn't be compared to Reid. Just like Reid shouldn't be compared to--and I hate to say it Colts fans because we despise him--Belichick Mahomes needs Reid just as much as Reid needs Mahomes.
  7. We could've won the SB that year too. Caldwell should've been gassed after that game. And he got taken to the cleaners by Payton in the SB.
  8. Sure. If you get a SB defense sans Butler like Philly got vs Pats, you take chances. You don't take unnecessary risks against the best defense in football. There wasn't any need too.
  9. I'd be in favor of an offensive coordinator. Let Frank focus on everything else.
  10. I agree. I was just wondering if anyone could offer names. Personally I'm in favor of starting Eason next year. Or drafting a QB this year. If we suck next year at least we know who the answer isn't. No band aids like 28-3 Ryan or Stafford. No Brissett. We know these guys. They are what they are. All are either old, limited, or just meh. I don't want to be stuck in the middle. That team that might contend for a postseason spot. But doesn't have a legit SB shot. And is drafting in the middle.
  11. No to Stafford & Ryan type QB's. And no to Brissett. We know what these guys are. They aren't terrible. But they aren't game changers. I want us to either draft a QB or start Eason next season. Worst case scenario is Eason sucks and we draft high in 2022.
  12. Rodgers? Why on earth would GB trade the league MVP? He's been durable the past few years. And an elite QB. He's only 37. I could see him playing into his 40's like Brees and Brady.
  13. Question is. Who is the alternative? We were spoiled by great QB play for like 20 years. Now we are seeing what it's like to be most other franchises without a QB.
  14. For sure. Dak is underrated. I think he's capable of being a SB caliber QB.
  15. That 2009 SB crushed me. Everyone says the turning point was the onside kick (Hank Baskett I hate you btw). But to me it was when we were up 10-3. Manning throws a 3rd down laser to Garson that is dropped. He catches that and he's on his way to the end zone. 17-3 Colts. I had a sinking feeling after that play. This one doesn't hurt as bad as the SB or the Jets game. But it's close. The Buffalo Bills did not beat the Colts today. Nor are they that much better than us. The Colts beat the Colts. And that's the sickening part.
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