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  1. I honestly thought they would get to the divisional playoff round at best. Their offense was stinking it up. Defense was mediocer. Tight end looked like he was done. Deep threat receiver got suspended. I think the Texans handing them the #2 seed was huge. That afforded them a bye. They looked like an entirely different team in the postseason. And ultimately that's when it matters most.
  2. You have to go for it there. Your defense is gassed. Worst case scenario is they get the ball at mid field.
  3. Offense really needs to step up. They've been very quiet this half.
  4. We still have time to score before the half ends. I'm not worried whatever.
  5. Damm it. Oh well I'm not concerned yet. We've abused this D. One fluky tipped pick doesn't change that.
  6. The 06 team was very lucky not to get them. Let's be honest: We likely don't win the SB if we play them. Including the 07 & 08 playoffs, why did we always struggle against them? They gave Manning fits. Btw, Merry Christmas to y'all.
  7. If Pittsburgh beats NO, we are pretty much dead. Especially considering they've owned a checked out Bengals squad.
  8. If Pittsburgh loses tomorrow, but beats Cincinnati, and we win out, we'd get the 6 seed. If both us and Pittsburgh win out, they'd get the 6 seed. Bottom line is we gotta win out. Unfortunately we don't control our own destiny.
  9. If Baltimore loses tonight, and then we beat the Giants, wouldn't Baltimore automatically be out? Because either us or the Titans would be assured of getting to 10-6. Thus, the winner of us and Tennessee gets the final WC.
  10. What if we lose to the Giants, then beat Tennessee, and Baltimore loses to LA, but beats Cincinnati? All three of us would be 9-7. Titans would for sure be out. But who would get the final WC spot between us and Baltimore?
  11. Not once did I say he'd get fired. I said he'd get roasted.
  12. If we miss the postseason by one game, that dumb OT decision by Reich will really come to the forefront.
  13. Pagano was fired after three straight non playoff years (2015-2017).
  14. Pagano wasn't fired after two straight non playoff seasons. Yet Jim got the boot after a disastrous 2011 season when Manning didn't start one game. Anyone else think Jim was fired too quickly? Especially considering he led them to a SB & WC berth.
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