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  1. i dont ever see luck winning the super bowl, his potential will be squandered like peyton
  2. https://yourlogicalfallacyis.com/appeal-to-authority I didnt need to go to practice to realize it doesnt get any worse than trent no i have blamed grigson too actually. actually there were plenty of better options besides trent the whole time, did u not watch the denver game?
  3. its not like it gets any worse than trent. it was just a terrible judgement call and says a lot about him as a coach.
  4. Clearly he did have better options. Maybe if he would've let the other backs who were capable of averaging over 3 yards per carry last season get more touches they would've developed more confidence and chemistry with the o line and we go all the way instead of having luck throw 45 plus times per game
  5. im trolling because i think a coach shouldnt play someone they know is incompetent, makes sense bro
  6. i think any coach that chooses to play someone who they know is incompetent should be fired personally, but hey continue to support someone that has lucks arm saving his job and making up for the team being unprepared to play a good 1/4 of the season
  7. pagano shouldve been fired for continuing to play t rich when he was clearly trash, maybe he just needs one more year to learn the playbook still
  8. If "not understanding spygate" is having a distorted bias view on spygate while conveniently ommiting facts and changing the argument once youve been proven wrong, then there is not a soul alive who "understands spygate" like you.
  9. Brady owns at wearing ugg boots and knowing the other teams play pre snap a la spygate
  10. continuing to play Trent is a clear sign that the staff needs to be fired
  11. yeah i am not racist, i dont believe that a person accomplishments deserve more merrit because of their skin color. i look at the person, not if they are black or white. its not like he won a super bowl during segregation
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