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  1. Where is your evidence that every team was cheating like that Pats? Is that how you justify it? I'm sure there is footage of Tom Terrific or Belichick blaming someone else out there. They are not the saints that you proclaim them to be. I never denied that we got the screws put to us or that we failed to execute. I'm simply saying that the refs done one heck of a job to extend your drives and shorten ours. Who is weaker? A person who points out terrible officiating or a person who thinks cheating is ok because "everyone else is doing it?"
  2. So you would teach your child that it is okay to cheat and accept special treatment as long as it gets them a championship?
  3. Yea but I would rather have my integrity and the knowledge that my trophies didn't come from questionable officiating and cheating. Hence my previous comment about selling their soul Jake.
  4. Yep. And one Lombardi with the help of the highly questionable Tuck rule game. Also, no Lombardi's post Spygate. Congrats!
  5. Never heard them blame officials? That's rich. Exhibit A: http://youtu.be/DzGV06OKZTk Gold standard of the NFL? Even richer. Exhibit B: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2007_National_Football_League_videotaping_controversy
  6. This coming from the fan of a player who bragged about having an influence on his coach being fired. You stay classy now...
  7. No I didn't see it. But come to think of it I have not seen 99.999999% of the evidence on any crime that has ever been committed either. But just because I did not personally see the evidence does not mean that it didn't happen. My color metaphors and perceived immaturity don't change the fact that I am still correct.
  8. And there is the difference, and my point. I also wish we were better with that type of play. I do not wish we would be like the Pats because they played like that. Maybe it's splitting hairs ( or even childish by my own admission) but it goes to show how much I hate that team.
  9. Admire is another thing I will never do with the Pat. I respect that they saw a weakness and used it to win. You can respect an enemy even if you hate their guts. Admiration requires a person to look up to them and is something the Pats will never get from this Colts fan in particular.
  10. No, there is no need to explain that. I know what you meant. It does not change the fact that I want nothing to do with that team. I might also add that the Pats are not specifically a power running team either. They used what they thought would work against a team with obvious failings with stopping the run and it worked out.
  11. Who are you to litigate Spygate in the first place? The NFL done that and found the preponderance of the evidence to show that NE cheated. Period. End of subject. Don't expect a courtesy from me after using some poorly disguised attempt on a comment that was obviously meant for me. I didn't need to be presumptuous about that. Also, what's that they say about opinions and points of view? Something about an anal cavity I think...
  12. So you have never complained about a refs call or felt that officiating contributed to a teams win or loss? If you say no than I say you're a liar. It's more than whining about the refs. We were the recipients of bad officiating all season. You will find zero posts by me complaining about it. I am fully aware that the zebras make mistakes. This is about a team that consistently receives preferable calls from officials. Tuck rule anyone? What's sad is that their fans are trolling our boards for who knows what reasons.
  13. They were caught violating rules and video taping other teams signals. The team and the coach were fined and lost a draft pick as a result. How is there no basis in fact? If you're gonna call somebody out than just do it and don't try to disguise it in a "I'm better than my fellow fans" comment. But when you do at least know what you're talking about.
  14. You're out of your mind to think that was incidental. You Pats fans cease to amaze me with the levels you will stoop to. Instead of taking the win and moving on you have decided to come to the other teams forum to troll and pollute it with this nonsense. But what should I expect from fans of a franchise that are CONFIRMED cheaters?
  15. Somehow I doubt the talk gets shut down. The man was an absolute monster this year. Wishful thinking on your part though.
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