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  1. This is mere idle speculation. Do we need to refrain from criticism because you are "Superman"? Or do we need to hold back because you are a moderator?
  2. Are you old enough to remember the Dan Marino and his plot to gift his O-Line with cool gloves? http://underscoopfire.com/how-isotoner-gloves-and-dan-marino-secretly-ruined-christmas/
  3. New England failed to make the playoffs the year Brady was hurt. What was their record that year? 11-5
  4. Because the 2nd games will be in Denver & Foxboro
  5. Suh's good at this sort of thing, that's why it may have looked unintentional.
  6. Kyle Orton had that whole Gary Oldman thing going on like from the Fifth Element
  7. I may be wasting my time, but the lack of development is highlighted by Luck's inability to stop his turnovers and to realize that sometimes he has to throw the ball away. It's not your father's NFL. Interceptions are the worst thing a QB can do today, Sacks and fumbles, while not 100% his fault alone are the result maybe of a stubborn streak. 13 fumbles this year, a career high, and led the league. Physical tools are great, he needs coaching.
  8. And what exactly remains from that 2006 team aside from the name? Wayne & Vinatieri & the colors.
  9. Complacent fans allow management to be comfortable with tier two performance. Frankly, that is what I see with these Colts. Even from Luck. I blame Luck's lack of development on very poor coaching. Likewise the inability to develop any cohesive play from the offensive linemen.
  10. Cheer up. What would the Colts have done with that first round pick anyway? 22 Johnny Manziel QB Browns 23 Dee Ford DE Chiefs 24 Darqueze Dennard CB Bengals 25 Jason Verrett CB Chargers 26 Marcus Smith DE Eagles 27 Deone Bucannon S Cardinals 28 Kelvin Benjamin WR Panthers 29 Dominique Easley DT Patriots 30 Jimmie Ward S 49ers
  11. http://www.thedrawplay.com/comic/andrew-trent-visit-the-funhouse/
  12. You're a common curse of the internet - a troll. Having the avatar photo that you have, along with your sig block, can only mean one thing. You're trying to provoke other posters. Just put me on ignore please.
  13. You keep picking those fights with every poster who makes any original comment. Who knows, maybe it will work out for you better on this board than it has in the real world.
  14. When I posted my slam, I said to myself "This little man will make a comment about me being a new poster". Seniority may count in your SEIU local, but not in the real world kid.
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