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  1. @JimIrsay i'm guessing placekicker.

  2. This https://t.co/l1w8i7Vapm

  3. RT @jwyattsports: Hearing the #Eagles offered the Liberty Bell for the No.2 pick. #Titans turned down deal after x-rays revealed a crack.

  4. RT @Cardschatter: GM Steve Keim on weighing off-field issues for prospects: "If Hannibal Lecter ran a 4.3, we'd probably diagnose it as an …

  5. RT @RadiografHenrik: Hvor meget ved landets politikere egentlig om ioniserende stråling? De kan evt. spørge Radiograferne #dkpol #Sundpol h…

  6. RT @IndyStarSports: Are the #Colts too old? @NatJNewell takes a look. http://t.co/IsEGM4vUOS

    RT: They're aging well

    FAV: Too old http://…

  7. RT @AllergyKidsDoc: Actual discussion:

    Parent "I want #Ebola vaccine for my child"

    Doc "There isn't one, but we have #flushot"

    Parent "We d…

  8. RT @Colt_Following: "The only thing I hate more than lying is skim milk, which is water lying about being milk."


  9. By the start of the season, Packers might have 40 mil tide up in two guys. Alot of money.

  10. Appearently, Vikings are interested in Teddy Bridgewater

  11. Surprised we haven't seen any "agreed in principle" reports yet.

  12. .@PatMcAfeeShow is hilarious on combine live!!!!

  13. I honestly don't know what the zebras are doing when pats play. #darksideoftheforce

  14. Would Pete carmichael be a bad fit for Colts OC? Closer to Lucks College scheme.

    1. BrentMc11


      I love him, but I feel he wants a head coaching job.

  15. I sincerely hope deadspin is wrong, But is it just me: why write/research This artikel in the first place, how do you get the idea?

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    2. Nobody


      She never showed up to one game? Or was seen in public at all?

    3. MIColtsFan


      it is strange.. waiting for more info

    4. BrentMc11


      Someone got a lead and RAN with it....

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