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  1. If we draft a good dt I expect our line to be pretty good overall. But yes I think art jones is due for a good year as long as he stays healthy.
  2. Waiting to see the patriots penalized
  3. Hoping this motivates AJ to go even harder when playing the Texans
  4. I would be down to resign Bradshaw on a team friendly contract with incentives if he plays the whole season
  5. Who would you want out of this RB-rich free agency class if you had to choose one? Murray, AP, Ingram, Spiller, Bush, Gore, Matthews, Veeran, Ridley?
  6. If you didn't let your employer know that you couldn't make it to work you would lose your job too
  7. I know how we can beat them! All we have to do is score more points than them!
  8. Imagine Darelle Revis opposite Vontae Davis
  9. I know these posts are not as wide but damn seeing AV missing 3 times is unheard of
  10. If we can afford to pay Suh then we should. He will make our whole defense better
  11. It was a fun crazy season. I expect more out of this team next season.
  12. if my memory serves me correctly he was suspended due to missing the walk through for the patriots game
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