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  1. No and in fact they cut tashaun Gipson today too
  2. And the fact that we still got Johnathan Taylor as well is fn ignorant. This is such a fantastic mix of speed and power. We’re gunna make people pay when they step into the box this year
  3. Gawdddd I love it. Never stressed about the draft knowing he’s running the show. It’s quite Frustrating seeing so many fans, especially here, constantly complaining about him for some reason or another.
  4. Yeah I think you're right. I do want to see what D'Joun can bring, but I just don't see him being a lock down corner. I thought we should've gave Qua Cox more of a chance honestly
  5. He would only bite on offers for a Head Coaching position. And yeah we still have to see how the rest of the season turns out.
  6. What about going after someone like Sean smith this offseason and letting toler go?
  7. I have a Collie jersey that I keep trying to convince my mom to find a way to stitch Whalen on the back instead
  8. Stanley Jean-Baptiste was a corner drafted by the Saints and is now on the Lions. You're thinking of Nicolas Jean-Baptiste, defensive tackle from Baylor!
  9. This means more throws to tight ends in sure. Chud worked with TE's before he became an offensive coordinator
  10. Yeah but he reeeaaaallllllyyy tried to force it in there, should've thrown it down and to the right, away from Harper.
  11. We seriously should've beat the Jets, Patriots, Saints, and Panthers. Could have beat all of them. This is the worst one, absolutely heartbreaking.
  12. Did Jon Gruden just call Toler a shutdown corner? Hahahahaha whattttt
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