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  1. He blocked me from two or three rings and i hate that s*** hahahah that had me dying
  2. Saw on the NFL rumors twitter we have some interest in Mitchell Schwartz. Im not sure how that would affect our line cuz if im not mistaken hes a RT correct?
  3. I have a feeling eric fisher is a relatively cheap target Ballard might go for as a last resort, if he cant get McGlinchey or someone of the sort. Familiar with him from KC
  4. Found it kinda weird considering blackmon/willis felt kinda locked into safety spots and williams is a slot which is absolutely kenny moore’s. But if its cheap then maybe it would open certain things up schematically?..
  5. B/R says we’ve expressed interest in K’Waun Williams and Keanu Neal
  6. Yeah one of my buddies earlier today said “jags are really loading up” and im like dude we literally say that almost every year and where does it get them
  7. Dude so much this ^^ I remember my dad looking at me when they rested players and took that first loss against the Jets, talking about destiny and the perfect record and how he thought this was the team. And especially after that heartbreaking super bowl those words ring in my head whenever i see any glimpse of that season. it would have been absolutely EPIC to attain perfect season status shortly after New Englands 2007 demise!
  8. Lets put him at center and slide kelly and nelson over. Bam left tackle problem solved!
  9. Ill never understand how people expect GMs to make zero mistakes. Especially drafting players, everyone turns into captain hindsight
  10. I completely agree man. For someone whos pretty damn mobile it was out of character imo. Ive been going through different reasons in my head but still a perplexing choice.
  11. I thought he didnt cuz he assumed it was 4 down territory, but i think everyone watching kinda wondered why he didnt as well. Usually he doesnt hesitate to run it in
  12. I guess he’s an upgrade over geathers, as long as he’s healthy I wouldn’t mind the signing.
  13. First post in a couple years tbh. I’m glad to see that there’s still comedic relief in reading the threads Haha
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