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  1. Dude so much this ^^ I remember my dad looking at me when they rested players and took that first loss against the Jets, talking about destiny and the perfect record and how he thought this was the team. And especially after that heartbreaking super bowl those words ring in my head whenever i see any glimpse of that season. it would have been absolutely EPIC to attain perfect season status shortly after New Englands 2007 demise!
  2. Lets put him at center and slide kelly and nelson over. Bam left tackle problem solved!
  3. Ill never understand how people expect GMs to make zero mistakes. Especially drafting players, everyone turns into captain hindsight
  4. I completely agree man. For someone whos pretty damn mobile it was out of character imo. Ive been going through different reasons in my head but still a perplexing choice.
  5. I thought he didnt cuz he assumed it was 4 down territory, but i think everyone watching kinda wondered why he didnt as well. Usually he doesnt hesitate to run it in
  6. No and in fact they cut tashaun Gipson today too
  7. And the fact that we still got Johnathan Taylor as well is fn ignorant. This is such a fantastic mix of speed and power. We’re gunna make people pay when they step into the box this year
  8. Gawdddd I love it. Never stressed about the draft knowing he’s running the show. It’s quite Frustrating seeing so many fans, especially here, constantly complaining about him for some reason or another.
  9. I guess he’s an upgrade over geathers, as long as he’s healthy I wouldn’t mind the signing.
  10. First post in a couple years tbh. I’m glad to see that there’s still comedic relief in reading the threads Haha
  11. Yeah I think you're right. I do want to see what D'Joun can bring, but I just don't see him being a lock down corner. I thought we should've gave Qua Cox more of a chance honestly
  12. He would only bite on offers for a Head Coaching position. And yeah we still have to see how the rest of the season turns out.
  13. What about going after someone like Sean smith this offseason and letting toler go?
  14. I have a Collie jersey that I keep trying to convince my mom to find a way to stitch Whalen on the back instead
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