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  1. I'm pretty sure there's a kicker somewhere that came from Aussie football. Actually, quite a few http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Australian_sportsmen_linked_to_professional_American_Football
  2. It's not really that bad. They should be able to lock up their core and have some of their draft picks develop.
  3. He was such a talent. I'm almost bitter teams won't give him a shot. I mean, who goes out on the heels of a 1000 yard/9 TD season? Unless his knee is actually worse than he says it is...
  4. Just to play devil's advocate. Why aren't gloves banned? They add extreme tackiness to a players grip, aiding in receiving, tackling, ball carrying etc.
  5. Between Givens, Caldwell, and Gaffney, they have 0 pro bowls with Brady. Gaffney had his best years after he LEFT New England. I wouldn't classify most of those players as good, or be proud to use them as an example of players Brady "made."
  6. Other than Ben Watson (TE) not really. Maybe Deion but it's not like he looked much better in his return to NE than he did in SEA. Moss was a stud before Brady.
  7. It's already been established you misrepresented the facts. This is snap to throw. Every offense is different, and judging by the other QBs on the list, it's based on playcalling. Romo probably has the fastest true release in the NFL today.
  8. Andrew's last 2 seasons in Pep's offense at Stanford yielded 70% completion and 69-18 TD-INT. I'm excited what he can do back home in that offense.
  9. Off the top of my head; Vince Lombardi, Don Shula, Tom Landry, George Halas, maybe Bill Parcells. Spygate probably also hurt Belichik.
  10. I only see 2 outs for Adrian and Marshawn and 6 outs for Ahmad
  11. I like the idea of 18 games. I think having 38% of your schedule decided against your three opponents creates unbalanced circumstances come playoff time. With that said, divisional rivalries create a significant portion of the entertainment involved with football.
  12. Used to love watching the TV camera shake when opposing offenses stepped into the RCA dome.
  13. The problem with looking just at stats is they look at every play wqually. An int when you're down by 30 with 5 minutes left is the same as an int that leads to a pick 6. Stats don't have a weight-factor for the importance of a play. Saying that I agree Ben was the better passer if you look at every throw, which stats do, but Luck was better in the moments that mattered, which stats don't show. "In Ben's first year with Arians he only threw 11 INTs as well and still posted a high completion percentage as well as throwing for 32 TDs" Ben's first year with Arian's... 4TH year in the league lol.
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