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  1. Is anyone really surprised? I mean seriously why are the Patriots constantly attached to cheating scandals ?
  2. Not surprised he said that always came across as arrogant to me.
  3. Unbelievable .... I'm so not watching the Super Bowl .
  4. Good luck to you guys I'm rooting for ya so get it done .
  5. I don't thill I'll be able to watch ... But I'll have to go with Seattle .
  6. Kubiak will interview with Denver this weekend he's their top choice.
  7. Wilson is nothing but a game manager you shut down Marshawn then you can shut down Seattle's offense. That defense won them a Super Bowl and Wilson is just fortunate to play with an outstanding roster . Luck Is the best qb out of the 2012 class and it's not even close . Put Wilson on a different team and watch him fade into obscurity .... Sorry I'm not buying into the hype . Hey I'm all for them giving Wilson' that big contract it's just going go make it harder for them to sign some of those defensive players and ultimately weakening Seattle.
  8. Because I watched the press conference and heard what Elway said . Only way Gase stays around is if Peyton returns since they're buddies ... At this point Gase is the last option from what I've been hearing from the Fan Morning show . Quinn and Kubiak are on the a Broncos radar .Vic Lombardi hasn't ruled out Gase returning as the OC . Get ready for those wide receiver screens 5 times a game ....
  9. Fox got himself fired that's why he's no longer the head coach of the Denver Broncos . Fox is a good coach but he isn't a great coach and his ultra conservative style will never win a Super Bowl . Mincey who was a Bronco last year stated that Fox never got the team inspired before the Super Bowl and how Seattle had just a different energy than Denver. I was not surprised when I read that all .
  10. If Elway promotes Gase then that would be against everything Elway preached the other day at the press conference . Gase just doesn't fit the mold that Elway is looking for to get Denver over the top in the big game .
  11. Screwed means lack of fire , predictable play calling etc . I don't think the mission is to just win the division
  12. Same chances of me winning the state lottery , 0
  13. Crap... Denver is screwed with Gase.
  14. Yeah and I've witnessed Phillip Rivers play on a torn acl in the AFC Championship game .....and a busted up back this season . What about Elway late in his career ? When you're in a game that significant you do what it takes to win and not just that game there were games when Cutler just gave up . I've always questioned his character
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