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  1. @stephenasmith i think colin is very brave, dont back down 2 anyone..IMUA

  2. krediye ihtiyacım var :( referans linkim : https://t.co/FoEUAO1rYg

  3. @wingoz whatʻs up with the scoreboard, the operator is under the influence

  4. Ben bu site sayesinde beğeni arttırıyorum :=) Not : Bu tweeti yakında istersen silecem silmeden bir bak https://t.co/h0hwPpyxQg

  5. @RealSkipBayless Yes...I thought the same thing too

  6. You took the words right out of my mouth
  7. Yes...Brady always did well without anyone special...no excuses but we need a hard as nails coach who will make this team tougher than a $2 steak...maybe someone like Bill Cowher
  8. They should at least fire Pep... which will a set a fire under Luck and the rest of the offense...hopefully?
  9. RT @FOXSports: Kelly Slater is an 11-time world champion surfer and this explains why!

    via @TheBuzzerOnFOX: https://t.co/jZvD8UHvkR

  10. RT @jimrome: First, Johnny Manziel needed Dr. Drew. Now he may need Dr. Andrews. Next stop, Dr. Phil.

  11. RT @CNCNews_12: Colts to the Super Bowl?

    RT Yes

    FAV No http://t.co/lMsZU6qx5E

  12. RT @KBowenColts: Think Houston had enough of T.Y. Hilton with that selection of a CB? Eagles (20) and Steelers (22) are teams to watch for …

  13. 12dalegend

    NFL draft

    I like a DB at 29, not sure if anyone besides L. Williams is good enough to take at the DL position in the 1st, but if not then best player available will do
  14. 12dalegend

    Draft needs

    S, C, CB, DL and MLB would be my 1st five picks not necessarily in this order but these are the needs GO COLTS!
  15. RT @shawnemerriman: Heroes Come and Go,but Legends are Forever' Kobe Bryant

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    2. BrentMc11


      :) Will do. I have never been to Hawaii, thus I never made the Pro Bowl. HA HA HA!
    3. 12dalegend


      The regular season and post season games are WAY BETTER but the upside is lots of pictures and autographs, aloha oi

    4. BrentMc11
  16. RT @GrantAfseth: RT if you would like the @Colts to sign @wilfork75.

  17. Donʻt give up on them we are on the verge of winning a SB, maybe if we win yaʻll come back...GO COLTS!
  18. God Bless you Wayne and I pray you come on as a WRʻs coach
  19. I said last year was AFC CHAMPIONSHIP or BUST, now itʻs SUPER BOWL or BUST! Good Luck and GO COLTS!
  20. I give him a C+, he needs to hit the hammer on the nail in this years draft cause his thumbs look swollen
  21. RT @GrantAfseth: I appreciate your help getting me to 7.5K followers. That's a milestone that I'm really glad to reach. Thanks!

  22. For that kind of $ I would pass we need 2 spend on defense, I would rather make a trade 4 AP but that aint gonna happen so weʻll get 1 from the draft
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