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  1. Colts win 42-3. All touchdowns scored in the north endzone except for conner's pick six. 4 defensive touchdowns one by king, one by conner, two by mathis. Luck has 2 touchdowns and throws for 217 yards with no interceptions. Avery keeps rollings with a 51 and 69 yard touchdown then everybody stops talking about Lucks flaws and how he cant throw the deep ball. Sorry to get negative but Im sick of this forum. FireJimCaldwell really enjoyed reading your responses. Go colts and bye forum.
  2. Is calling you a man wrong if your a man? The man enabled another man to be a pedophile, with that being said how is calling him what he was ignorant? Nothing is more important than protecting children, even if it means hurting your own football program.
  3. Really, even when sanders was here? Nothing to argue about though.
  4. I tell ya, I enjoy reading what you write. I havent read a post that wasnt well informed or poorly written by you. I may not post a lot but I am on here daily.
  5. I was going to say something negative about this topic, but instead I will say Im excited about the future but I have a right to wear my #18 jersey just like i wear my #88 jersey. Dirty eye me for wearing it at LOS and see what it gets ya. (sorry got negative there)
  6. Your going to love the blue crew lot. best tailgating around.
  7. I got the jersey in the mail today and man I'll tell ya if it isnt exactly authentic I really dont care. This thing is sharp! Definately not going to spend $260 more just to be 100% sure it is authentic. I do have to say I like the rebok jerseys better but this one is nice.
  8. All- just wanted to give a heads up about amazon.com and the new nike jersey. You can get the Elite and Game day jerseys for an extremely reduced price. Beware that some listings will say elite (all sewn on letters and numbers) that are actually game day jerseys (screenprinted name and numbers). If you look at the white stripes on the shoulders (home jersey) from the back the stripes appear to look more like the old rebok jerseys being closer to the shoulder going further down the jersey toward the numbers and the game day stripes are more toward the neck being more vertical and cut off at a higher diagonal shape. This is the easiest way to tell each apart I could find through the pictures on amazon. Either jersey you get will be a lot cheaper than any store. My Elite #12 jersey was $35 dollars plus $5 shipping and handling. Hope this is helpful. In the search type in "Andrew Luck Nike Jersey". There is home and away available. Go Colts!
  9. I know people who park there and have for years. Great atmosphere for tailgateing. The moto I have heard there is if you leave hungry or sober its your own fault. Great fun and great times.
  10. Believe he is talking about when Brett Favre replaced Chad Pennington in New York and Chad Pennington had to learn a new system as the Dolphins new quarterback.
  11. Just a topic that interests me. I didnt get moved this season. Still in section 641 row 13. Anybody that got relocated, new season tickets off the wait list or off the street please share!
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