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  1. This is why the league has to come down hard on cheating. If you don't teams will continue to do it, and people will claim they're being set up. The reality is The Patriots don't care to follow the rules, because the NFL isn't harsh enough. MLB doesn't have this problem with cheating because they are very harsh on cheaters.
  2. Yeah I was thinking of Kobe. I don't think Brady is a man without an ego. He's no Andrew Luck. I'm a white middle aged man, so I don't really see it from Brandons perspective. He's talking about how the league treats its black players, in general. I see it more from a media perspective. Tom Brady had a governor come out and claim the NFL was after Brady because people were jealous of his good looks his fame and his hot wife. He wasn't the only one. There were people coming out of every crack defending Brady. I could never see that with a Black Athlete. I've been watching sports for 30 y
  3. I'm just glad we can finally watch a Pats game where they could possibly fumble.
  4. Brandon is speaking about multiple guys in the league that feel this way. I think it's more of a media thing. The media never backs a black athlete. When was the last time a black athlete got the benefit of the doubt?
  5. http://espn.go.com/new-york/nfl/story/_/id/13612740/brandon-marshall-new-york-jets-race-factored-tom-brady-reversal "This is how guys are feeling; this is not just my opinion," he said. "These are conversations I'm having with guys." Marshall added that he has talked to white players who share the same opinion.
  6. Now they're claiming in Boston Reggie Wayne asked to be cut because he thought it was too tough and it wasn't fun. They're also claiming he signed with New England, because he had a better chance to win. Absurdity. A Hall of Famer asked to be cut, because it was too tough and not fun? Also, he didn't sign with the Colts because they moved on.
  7. Boston Globe ----He acknowledged after the Carolina game that New England’s playbook “wasn’t simple,’’ and it’s unknown if that played a role in the 15-year veteran’s decision.---- Are they serious with this stuff? Reggie Wayne asked to be cut because he couldn't understand the playbook? That's nuts...Reggie Wayne is one of the greatest Wide Receivers of all time, and they're questioning whether he could understand the playbook?
  8. T.Y. straight up for Kam. Seattle could use T.Y., and we could use Kam.
  9. I think this is a way for the Seahawks to him to play. I don't think he'll be traded.
  10. It's funny how ESPN shapes the narrative and everybody follows. I've never seen so much flipflopping in my life. I do find it crazy people were saying Goodell wasn't harsh enough 2 years ago, now he's too harsh.
  11. I know at least one QB in the league that used this approach, and now is in the process of muddying the waters. People do this stuff all the time. All the way up the chain of command.
  12. That is the best game trailer ever!! That trailer is better than the game itself. Dad...Dad....Daaaahhhhh
  13. yeah...and I didn't realize he held the single season passing yards and td record for the Bears.
  14. They should restructure his deal and trade him straight up for T.Y.
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