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  1. Way more studs Grigs is bold and takes risks which I like, "Let's go Colts".
  2. Stop dissin luck. The teams garbage. Not him
  3. Cribbs. Is. Here on 2yr contract. And we have first option on phillips second year
  4. What do you think guys. Any. Specific players you.would "hope" for.
  5. He needs 2 more yrs sign him up now.
  6. Josh freeman he's still young and would be cheap.
  7. He's been really good' but the line "needs sorting 1st and 2nd 'round next draft on centre and right guard' then new "o line coach" maybe jeff saturday. then let grow together protect luck with our weapons and skys the limit. No more grammar police I know its bad.
  8. For such a talent his lack of tds is frustrating. He seems to disappear in red zone downs why is this.
  9. The greatest can not be perfect always. for his 3rd year he's amazing
  10. I'm english and love nfl. But understand and respect your views guys. its getting bigger in uk believe me though.
  11. keverton

    I wish

    Colts would get game at wembley. I see the lions and dolphins are there again. With andrews connection to london you would think it would be a no. Brain' er. How do they pick the games
  12. Ok guys I just don't want to see our Qb get Hurt. ill admit some of the pics funny thow. credit were credits due.
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