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  1. Both would do great with our front 7 (As long as they stay the same) but if our new Hc has his own defensive ideology he might not want either of them
  2. He has gone and i have to change my name The person i wanted to replace him if this did happen was Mike Zimmer and that's the kind of coach we want a new up and coming defensive minded coach. I hope this doesn't spell the end for Peyton though.
  3. A lame duck who unless the Pats win the superbowl will of got his team to the playoffs as many times us Bellichick in the last 3 years and will have a better or the same playoff record
  4. What are you on about Manning does put up crazy numbers for the two years he has played under JC with a non existent running game and he would of done the same this year but he was injured. If you really think Jc is holding Peyton back he must be awful at it as he has won an MVP and got to a superbowl in his 2 years under Caldwell. Yes he does need an agressive DC but only because he isnt a defensive minded guy.
  5. It's quite simple Caldwell has had 2 great years he took a team to being basically unbeaten in his rookie year as a HC and had the guts to rest our starters when most of the fans wanted them to go for the unbeaten season and go to the super bowl. Also I fined it interesting how people say he got out coached in the Sb despite our receivers dropping a lot but so that all the wins against some of the best minds in football weren't on him. I know our season records have gotten worse but so have our injuries. He got us to the play-offs with as battered team as you will see and we narrowly lost to a
  6. So which ones of the offensive plays are Caldwell's calls and which are Manning's calls you don't know only they do half of the time so it's impossible to say which one of those plays are planned by which. So no I can' tell you which were Caldwell's call but that doesn't mean you can claim that all of the good calls were Manning's and the bad ones were Caldwell's
  7. So how come a 7 year vet who had been constantly moving around the league that no one wanted and was yet to win a game cam into our team and win 2 when he only started for a couple of games yes he can coach qb's. Ohh and whose that other one he coached that Manning guy how did he turn out i heard he got a couple of MVP's. The reason Painter was so bad was that he is the worst Qb in the league is there anyone you'd not rather have. I he had any talent he would not be soon to be no longer an NFL player
  8. Singletary is a great shout as we have a good front 7 except NT with a good set of lb's with or without Brackett
  9. Why dont we compare all HC's to one of the greatest football minds ever. No he is not as good as Belichick but there is a massive difference between Curtis Painter one of the worst Qb's ever and Bellichick had Matt Cassel who has been to a pro bowl of course it's not going to be close results wise. I do think that we deserved a better record this year but costly mistakes were made like Garcon and Carter fumbling the ball when we had a chance at having a game winning drive and Painter threw two costly picks in the end zone in one game, those are costly mistakes that you can do very little to st
  10. I dont understand why you would want to go 3-4 we have two of the best DE's in the buisness who we are our 2 best players on defence who get all of our pressure and cause most of our turnovers and you want to get rid of them both leaving our defence with what no pass rush or big time players. All we need to do is get Spags or Del rio to use them more effectively look what Murphy did whith our defence so what could a top quality co-ordinator do with it.
  11. If we traded Luck to the :browns: we would get the 4th overall pick and that's not near the middle or the end of the 1st round and then even next year even with the Luck they would still have one of the worst records. The :falcons: pick will be a late one but thats the only one. This would put is in a great positio n to rebuild and challenge for a SB
  12. Obviously Peyton won us every single game except the SB which Caldwell cost us because everyone could see that onside kick coming . Or Peyton won us games with Caldwell's help and the reason we lost that SB was bad catching and a costly Int and no one could seee that onside coming.
  13. You might be right but i cant find when they were co-workers
  14. I would love them to win it all the play great football on both sides of the ball and it could spur Peyton on with sibling rivalry just to have as many SB's as Eli. I'm also getting annoyed with cocky Packers fans
  15. I bet you wish you hadn't put the missions on now as you've set him the mission of going 16-0 with the Rams :slaphead:
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