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  1. Dave46168

    Good-Bye Hicks

    Thanks for the feed back! Anyway you look at it, I believe its going to be an intesting year for us!
  2. With all the talk going on about trades, I would not be very surprised at all if WR Nicks is traded. We should get a real good player for the so-called best WR in NFL. On a different note, I guess we will really start to see a better running attack with the Colts now that Richardson is hurt. Full - time Bradshaw!
  3. The Dallas Cowboys are really going overboard in thinking they are some kind of special team! Jerry Jones needs to shut up and wait until the season is over before he starts boasting! In MY opinion there are a number of teams who are better than the Cowboys right now. They are: 1. New England 2. Indianapolis 3. Denver 4. San Diego 5. Seattle 6. Philadelphia 7. San Francisco 8. Green Bay and maybe even 9. Cleveland! The problem teams are having right now is under estimating the Cowboys. This is the same Cowboy team are we have seen for the last few years. Nothing special!!! DID YOU hear me Jerry!!! Nothing special................. My prediction: Maybe a 10-6 team this year! Lose first Round of playoffs!
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