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  1. You would think with all the uncertanty with the incoming QB class we could throw Scott Tolzien out there as trade bait and maybe pick up another 3rd or so.
  2. Doyle is a must sign, and I don't see any way the Colts let him sign with anyone else unless they really screw it up. He is a major part of the colts offense, they use him at fullback, bring him in motion to block and he always sticks his nose in there and does that dirty work, it is really hard to find do it all players like him who can also line up as a traditional tight end. He is a very hard nosed football player, and durable which is huge considering our other big money tight end. I would rather let Allen walk before Doyle. I was big on him two years ago and was happy to see them not pay
  3. Something very interesting I read is that Chris Ballard would likely bring the KC Chiefs special teams coach with him as his head coach, here is a link on the guy looks like a very interesting head coach prospect. https://www.google.com/amp/www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/the-12-best-nfl-coaching-candidates-and-the-one-that-teams-are-too-scared-to-hire/amp/?client=ms-android-att-us
  4. You all should look at KC draft picks the past few years compared to their depth chart, they have built their entire team through the draft, and alot of them are starters. Example in the 6th round of the 2014 draft they selected 2 offensive linemen both of them are starters on their offensive line, Zach Fulton and Laurent Duvernay Tardif. They draft very very well.
  5. I saw ONE time where we got creative with play calling on a screen to Gore, a screen being one of the best plays to run against a team blitzing 6-7 defenders regularly, and it was set up perfectly, Luck over threw Gore so it didn't work out, but we never went back to it!! Why?? We just kept trying to hammer a square peg in a round hole.
  6. Did anyone happen to see Irving or Moore get any reps? Also if you did how did they look? On the subject of personnel, I saw Geathers flash a few times, and he always seemed to be around the ball when he was in, I am pretty high on him and think we have something special there. Also I am looking at Varga getting all the kickoff and punt returns, they have to find a way to get him involved, and I am not saying that just because of Dorsetts muffed punt and moncriefs kick off return to the 4 yard line. I think Varga runs with an attitude I don't see in others. Also with T.Y. out why risk the
  7. There were a lot of things that didn't go our way, the main thing that I saw is our first 2 or 3 drives we were moving the ball and looking great, they were all stopped dead in their tracks, not by Buffalos defense but by our offense, Holding, Holding, Holding. Who is to say how that game would have turned out if we take just one of those drives and punch it in and silence the crowd. We were beating ourselves all game and it started to snowball, after the start we had everyone in that stadium started thinking wow Buffalo really can beat them (Indy). Honestly Indy shouldn't have won that gam
  8. I am really excited to see if Anderson, Parry, Kerr, Okine, and the new guy from seattle can cause some damage on the D-Line. Hopefully our O-line looks stable as well, I am hoping they have had a chance to gel and play good. If you get killed in the trenches it makes it very tough to overcome. I have been trying to fine more info on Sio Moore a lot of people said he may still be recovering from hip surgery, he could potentially play a big role in this game, a lot of times when you have an opposing quarterback that can pull it down at any time and scramble you want to spy him, a role I am w
  9. This will be a nice test for Grigson. Hopefully they have a limit around 10 mill, anything more than that is not reasonable (Randall Cobb). T.Y. won the lottery when he got selected by the colts to have Luck throwing him the ball. If he wants to pull in an extra 2-4 million a year and go play for a team without a top tier QB let him. The formula for being dominate in the NFL doesn't include mega deals for wide receivers. How many wide receivers had monster deals that played in the super bowl last season? Defense (which until this year Grigson has completely ignored in the draft), Offensi
  10. We have a lot of depth, but the depth options aren't great beside Reitz in my opinion. I am not sure why Reitz has not got more attention to fill in at left guard. Hopefully he will get a solid chance to take that starting role over Thornton and Louis. Hopefully we don't do to Reitz what we did to AQ Shipley.
  11. The colts will make the playoffs and maybe win a game in the playoffs. But with our coaches or the lack there of and the lack of addressing huge issues with the offensive line in the offseason we will not be able to compete with the Pats, Broncos, or Seahawks. So no superbowl for us this year but hopefully we can get rid of Grigson and throw some money at one of the Harbaughs and get them to come take us to win the big one. Theres are a lot of prime coaches out there who would like to have Andrew Luck running their offense.
  12. Most people have had solid points about the game. I believe the loss is on our coaching staff. We had 2 situations where we were 2nd and 15 because of penalties. Our play calling on 2nd and 15 is to utilize the weakest part of our offense with a run up the gut with trent Richardson, really?? Our guard center guard is weak and Trent is not the best running back on the team (probably third string at best in my opinion) and we decide to basically give up a down by running up the gut utilizing the weakest part of our offense. Stupid!! Now we have 3rd and long to try and deal with. Second why d
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