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  1. YOu think Brown is one of the best Wr in the game? I guess that makes the Browns Db's the best in the game cause they shut Brown down
  2. Did you watch the same game as us? Brown who is an avg NFL WR owned Toller all day
  3. THe other issue was Manusky rushing 3-4 guys half the time with the db's they had playing
  4. I know we are all worried about Luck getting hit but I think some of that falls on him as well. Yesterday there were at least 5 plays where he held the ball for 5 seconds or more and ended up getting hit. Now I mean if the O line can block for 5 seconds you should be able to make a play or toss the ball into the stands. Luck looks like he is trying to do things that he did at Stanford. You can't get away with that in the NFL
  5. You can't sign free agent players that are the same caliber talent wise as practice squad players. Toller is by far the worse db in Football and was exposed yesterday. Jackson at Lb at best is a back up. I know Josh Gordy is a back up and you saw why yesterday. This guy is a practice squad caliber player at best. There are reasons why these guys were cut/released.
  6. So you are saying Wilson and Manning roll out as often as Luck does?
  7. really? Did not see Brady roll out vs Cincy sun night, nor did I see Rivers roll out vs NYJ
  8. just not a big fan of it. I rather the qb have the whole field to scan rather than half of it. Just my opnion
  9. coming from the guy who thinks the roll out is the best offensive play ever invented.
  10. I was there as well. My point is west coast offence does not auto mean qb roll out, BTW Stanford the week before vs Wash did not roll Hogan out once and Stanford is known as a West coast offence
  11. he ran just not roll outs Gruden had him running qb draws a lot. BTW Stanford runs the west coast off Do you know how many times Hogan rolled out on Sat vs ND?
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