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    Trophy palooza!

    From the album: Sports memorabilia

    Peyton Manning autographed Lombardi replica trophy, Troy Smith autographed Heisman replica trophy and retired (2010) replica AFC Lamar Hunt trophy.
  2. Waiting for the draft party!!!!!!!

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    2. jaggededge


      hi Gramz...I have been busy but I am going to be on here more as my schedule relaxes. :) Hope all is going well for you?


    3. Nadine


      So good to see you!

    4. jaggededge


      ..and you are as always a site for unsore eyes!:)

  3. From the album: Sports memorabilia

    Will you show up at the game? Will you be the 12th man? Will you help our Colts team to protect this house?
  4. From the album: Sports memorabilia

    Coming to a location near us???? I hope and with a little Luck!
  5. Actua;ly, 6 in one year is the point that stands out to me. I feel it does bear watching as players need to be held more accountable before they make dumb decisions and hopefully it will result in less situations arising such as these. I mean I am twice the age of these Colts players and when i was their age, I never had any of the issues the 6 players we are discussing did. If I can stay out of trouble, why not them? We need to stop lowering the bar and make the Colts players step up and over it. Just my .02.
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