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    <p>have been a fan since I realized as a little kid that indy had a team. I liked to root for the underdog and at the time they defiantly were that. really started becoming a fan in 93 or 94. as I got older I realized this was a special team and decided to root for a winner.have beenĀ  arabid fan ever since. my 8 year old 6 year old and 4 year old boys are too.</p>
  1. I live in southern indiana and use tune in radio app on my phone to get 1070. If you put it on 96.7 worx in madison they had the pregame plus the game. Best option I found.
  2. im glad whalen made the team. he reminds me a lot of rietz. not a star but does a lot of stuff right or good. I never thought whalen was that bad at punt returning. I also think carter goes to ps.
  3. boom ran decent with this line last year albeit in a different line up. id like to think gore's better than boom.
  4. I think gore will make our line look good. if the line can stay healthy I think the run game could be very good. with all the new additions on def like geathers Anderson and perry im pretty excited about the run def. although they don't look great today they'll surprise everyone this year.
  5. Bennett does looked good or better than it sounded at training camp. like robinson too. was hoping to see ballard today to see if he looked better than robinson or tipton.
  6. Looked to me they were playing prevent defense. Definitely not worth one of starters being injured and out for weeks just to keep them ffrom scoring one td.
  7. Unfortunatly I never got to watch jones play. But I started watching the year before we made it to the afc championship with harbaugh. I remember being real upset when we traded him to san Diego.
  8. I hope we keep him. If we did trade him and we lose a couple of receivers we'll wish we hadn't.
  9. Maybe I drink too much koolaid but I believe that paganos goal is to always win. He'll put the best team out there at his disposal. And he knows much more about the ins and outs of this team than I do.
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