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  1. I thought Derek Carr was the best QB in the entire draft. The Raiders got a steal.
  2. I have never been a member of this board before. I did follow it as a guest for many months. I don't even know what they are all talking about. They accuse me of owning an RV and I don't and I never have. I'll keep being civil and I am not a troll. When this game is over, I doubt I say anything that will get people riled up at all other than I am not sold on our coaching staff.
  3. I also believe that he will play and play well.
  4. Like what? The only thing I could see as controversial would be that none of the Colts WRs would start for the Broncos. I don't see anything crazy about that at all. I read what people said about TY and Sanders and I don't buy it. I think Sanders will fill Decker's shoes quite well. I think that having Nicks and Wayne back means that TY's numbers will come down to earth a bit. I want the Colts to win even thought I enjoy watching Peyton and the Colts. I am sure and I am sure the mods would much rather that this game not happen at all. There is just too much emotion in it for Colts fans and Pey
  5. Then we should blitz him very frequently. I will be watching to see how that works out.
  6. Last year means nothing for either team. Both teams are different and improved. We will see what happens.
  7. Peyton doesn't run and who will deliver all of this pressure? If we blitz Peyton, well, that just doesn't work very well does it?
  8. I want to see Luck not taking those big hits and being protected. Too early to say about the draft picks other that where was all of that three years ago.?
  9. Ball's surgery was an appendectomy. He won't lose anything from that. Many people think that Sanders will be an upgrade over Decker. Latimer, like Moncrief, is a star in the making two or thee years down the road. I don't see the Colts additions being anywhere close to adding Ware, Talib, Ward and a good DB Ohio state in the first round of the draft. They also added Latimer and Sanders to the offense. Their all pro LT, Clady, is back and healthy. The Colts added players. The Broncos added stars.
  10. Yeah, one will really help. How about signing five or six and fixing this problem instead of just applying temporary patches?
  11. I see that Welker is back on the practice field. That should start that spread widening in favor of the Broncos.
  12. I don't care what he does unless it is signing some offensive linemen to fix something that has been broken for a long time.
  13. I am a Colts fan first and foremost but I think management has done a terrible job of putting players around Luck to protect him and I take them to the task about that often. They like to sign WRs, TEs and just about everything but world class linemen around a world class QB. I moved to Denver so I became a Denver fan especially when they signed Peyton. It is really that simple.
  14. I think it will be something like Broncos 42 Colts 17 to 21. I think it will be a huge margin.
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