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  1. We know what this guys skill set is, we've seen how incredible he can be. This whole team is in a funk and it's a dysfunction we've seen building for a few years now. For whatever reasons one may wish to attach, Bruce Arians was far more suited toward Luck's strengths. It doesn't appear we're going to have a successful season, and with that will come a great deal of change. I would go so far as to say our QB is one of the few cores on this team we need to keep faith in and trust.
  2. He's no Peyton Manning, that's for damn sure.
  3. A game saving play if this was 2013's offense.
  4. Oh.... I get it. We're being the 2011 Colts for Halloween. How scary.
  5. He hasn't won a single game this year either.
  6. This thread is almost as funny as that damn play.
  7. Ray Charles just texted me and told me that play was the dumbest thing he never saw.
  8. Take away the hurry-up and Luck looks below average. When hurried, he shines and always has. Arians' system fit him well.
  9. Maybe Belichick will call a 'back-up safety sneak' on 4th down like we did.
  10. If Whalen had turned it over there, I would personally have traveled to his home and pooed on his sidewalk.
  11. True, situationally you want 'something'. But he's getting hit too much, and often is prone to turning it over when that happens.
  12. Doing that would be suicide. Twice. Ya know, cuz we already committed suicide with that bizarre ST play.
  13. 2 years ago I would absolutely believe we could win this.
  14. The cool thing is; I just saw what will be recognized as one of the top ten worst plays in Colts history. Home field advantage could be the worst part of this debacle.
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