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  1. lulz @ pooping in a sock. You are a colorful fella, maynard. Irsay is a man of principle. Perhaps this is why he insisted on a "fair" deal.
  2. It was the Bullit signing that has me thinking we aren't looking for a starting safety any longer. Whitner fits the bill (pun intended) for a Colts safety, but with Bullit signed, this seems highly unlikely. I feel the general consensus of the fans is....we want a new toy to play with.
  3. Yes, it has been a crazy week....and I love it. Football is back and in my 33 years of NFL fandom, I have never experienced such an odd frenzy of activity. I'd like to think that Polian, senior and junior, have something up their collective sleeves for the team, and the fans. DT and CB might be the only areas where we see an acquisition. I was hoping for a proven return specialist as well. Not sure if anyone out there fits the description.
  4. Lets not be too hard on Clint. He's just playing the game of buying into a new surrounding. The Jags made him a heckuva deal, and lets be honest, the Colts broke up with him. If you were Clint, you would feel a bit disgruntled, right?
  5. So the clock doesn't strike midnight for 5 years. Bittersweet. I'm going to call this the Colts doomsday clock.
  6. I don't know whether to be excited or.....? This may be a move to free money for Manning. Maybe some of the posters here have been right all along about the Colts seeking a veteran replacement? Maybe we will * up an UDFA? Wow....Don't even friggin tell me we cut lose a talent like that for Manning's deal.
  7. No. I doubt he's aware. Being that he's so misinformed, I would say he's prolly consistently ignorant of facts.
  8. I wonder if Chad could ride an angry Belichick for a full 8 seconds?
  9. I would have been surprised had they not made every effort to keep him. Good thing he didn't get on Twitter and act a fool when we drafted Brown, like Bush did over the Ingram drafting.
  10. What are you talking about? Did you just start watching football in the last 5 years or....?...?? What frickin team wins the SuperBowl every year? Success isn't defined by those terms.
  11. Thats so true. The rest of the team could be on fire and they wouldn't report it.
  12. What, you mean being a GM on a Madden video game isn't like the real thing?
  13. What is Higg82's first post?
  14. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see it. Just sayin, ain't gonna happen. I know Peyton would rather see him in Blue 'n' white.
  15. Thats what I think of the Jags, not just their D, but overall they are a mess and it starts with the schemes. Its going to take a lot more than Clint "Totally average" Session to make me think of them as anything but a check-mark win. Landry's good, but he isn't that good. Not good enough to make Jax look like anything but a pig with some fresh lipstick.
  16. Did you just equate our DB's to being "butter faces"? You know, shes pretty, everything "butter face" is pretty? lol......I think we look good at DB. Its just, we never see them (starters) all out there at the same time. We got that kid that we drafted last year, the one who got hurt in preseason, can't remember his name. Haven't had coffee yet.
  17. Gary's been fairly durable. Only missed like 9 games in 7 years preceeding his injury last year. We sure missed his energy nad smarts last season though.
  18. Bill Polian says: NO! NO Assante for you! I admit, its fun to shop but..... We already over pay for Hayden. If we're healthy, we really sit pretty at DB.
  19. lol YES! I was soooo hoping this lil boy would troll-out like that. Best thing you've ever done, EJN!! GOOD BYE KID.
  20. How do you think Philly would handle a $100 million dollar QB? We have unique problems here in Indy. As well, it seems you forgot that we just exited a lockout only a week ago, and the Colts are facing, potentially, the biggest NFL contract ever signed.
  21. I am going to sue you buddy, for wasting the 6 seconds of my life that it took to read this. Expect to hear from my lawyer on Monday. PS durrr?
  22. Been hearing this tired bit for many years now. There is no such thing as a perfect team, which is what you seem to want. These darn imperfections got you mad at Polian? Are you sick of this success? In the last five years we have 2 AFC Championships and a Super Bowl. We go to the playoffs every year and you still want to complain about imperfections? C'mon.....really? I'm no Polian fan-boy, but I ain't about to cast dispersions at him until this team falls into a multi-year slump.
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