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  1. I get his decision 100%. This late in his career it's time for Reggie to think financially and if he can get another opportunity at a championship that's just win/win. No bad blood from me. Reggie will always be remembered as an all-time great Colts player, but seeing him in #15 is weird tho!
  2. Stupid play by Eagles, why even risk Bradford's health? Doesn't take away that it was a dirty hit tho. Suggs is a bad bad man (in the not good way!)
  3. Give it time. I'm not too worried atm. If it carries into regular season I'll start worrying, but I'm sure he's gonna be a solid piece for the future Colts!
  4. Indeed the (drafted) rookies looked great! Maybe minus Henry Anderson, he didn't really stand out to me. I can't wait to see Luck utilizing Dorsett's speed more though. Him and TY are gonna be a nightmare for the defense. Our late round picks played really well too, so call me excited!!!
  5. Right now I'd probably put St. Louis up there among the worst. As long as Todd Gurley is unavailable because of his knee, I think the rest of their skill guys are pretty meh ​​ I know they just traded for Foles, but imo he's a big question mark and we'll see if he'll thrive in Fisher's system.
  6. Still waiting for that ridiculous license to expire so 2K can have a shot at making a sweet game. Does anyone know when it's set to expire?
  7. Can't help but feel excited about this hype around Carter! I hope he'll get plenty of opportunities in the pre-season! ​ ​
  8. It's always sad when players of his caliber can't get their head on straight. I always think of what could have been, cuz no matter what team they represent, I'm a sucker for dominant players. Oh well, bye Aldon and good luck!
  9. T.Y. Hilton isn't out here running routes with the other WRs during position drills. Haven't seen him yet. #ColtsCamp — Josh Wilson (@JoshWilsonSB) August 7, 2015 Has to be precautionary. Haven't heard any bad news on him at least!
  10. It's 3am, my stomach hurts from embarrassment and my brain is too angry to sleep. I hope we strike some kind of gold this off season
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