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  1. i feel happy.that it is time to play football.

  2. another super bowl win!

  3. nice post , nadine.i am really happy.that it is time for football.
  4. we are colt nation.let bleed blue...

    1. southwest1


      Sounds BLUE-tiful to me anyway...:)

  5. a winning season!

  6. rebuilding has started for our team

  7. could not see it.so sorry i missed it , barry.
  8. i am ready.how about it , colt nation!?

    1. BrentMc11


      OK mom: I am with you! Anyone else?

  9. a new season and rebuilding our team.

  10. a new season.cannot wait until preseason!

  11. hoping that our new hope is getting better

  12. you all are the best.

  13. the colt fan forum looks great.

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