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    sports fan.hamster and dog owner.singer of most music but not all.
  1. happy fourth of july to colt nation.i hope we win a super bowl this year!

  2. fixing up our team.let ' s back our colts , colt nation!

    1. southwest1


      I like our additions so far & with a healthy Bradshaw, Ballard, & Wayne the sky is the limit baby. Oh yeah. :)

  3. hi colt nation , we almost made it to the afc championship game.i like the way.that andrew luck handles our offense.his moves as a commanding presence is awesome to watch.so i am personally always looking to the future of our team.have a great day colt nation.after all , we are the best group of fans in the afc.
  4. the next nfl season.i am full of hope for our colts.

    1. shecolt


      So am I. GO COLTS!

    2. BrentMc11


      Fun stuff Mom Terp!

    3. southwest1


      Our prospects look anything but blue Mom Terp! :)

  5. we made it one game closer to the super bowl

    1. southwest1


      Yes, we seem to be improving with every season mom terp. Nice. :)

  6. nice one , barry.hope mom and you are doing well.
  7. all i can say is.that i hope reggie feels better.it looked pretty bad.i will keep him in my thoughts.
  8. a super bowl victory this year.

    1. southwest1


      I like your optimism there mom terp. I don't if we are quite there yet, but then again, get hot in the post season & miracles do become reality so why not? Let's shoot for moon & see what INDY hits. :D

    2. SilentHill


      Oh, we are there, by next year we will be the "Team to beat" in the AFC. Just like good ol times.

  9. a new season...

  10. i hope that we can win today.

  11. go colts.win , win , win.we are super bowl bound!

    1. southwest1


      That a nice vision you have there mom terp. :)

    2. BuildtheMonster1285


      From your key board to Gods ears!

  12. mom terp


    i am happy.that we are in the playoffs.let 's rout for our team.i am going to watch our team on tv.let ' s show our team.that we care about them , colt nation.as always go colts!
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