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    Duke Basketball, Colts football and Pacers Basketball. and I love horse racing.

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  1. "Victor I need to go back in the gym and work on my free throws" I just love Dipo he will always work hard and practice hard and he knows what to work on and etc.
  2. Finally it’s game night. Let’s get the 2018-2019 Pacers season started.
  3. Pacers and Myles Turner agreed to a 4-year extension for 80 million. https://fox59.com/2018/10/15/myles-turner-reportedly-agrees-to-four-year-80m-extension-with-pacers/
  4. Anybody watching the Pacers first preseason game against the Rockets tonight? Or am I the only one since the Colts are also playing? Lol. I skipped the Colts game because I wanted to watch the pacers first preseason game, I will flip it over to the Colts once the Pacers game is over. But I like what I am seeing with this year's Pacers team the team chemistry is still there from last season and their play has not lost a step either from last season. I know it's the first preseason, I love what I am seeing and they have improved from last season.
  5. Has anyone heard about this rumor? https://clutchpoints.com/lakers-news-call-pacers-take-back-lance-stephenson/
  6. Tyreke Evans just signed a one year deal with the Pacers for 12 million. Per Bleacher Report.
  7. Pacers has declined the option for guard Joe Young. He'll will become a free agent. Per Adrian Wojnarwoski
  8. I found it just came out on their FB Page. Now who are we going to replace Lance??? https://www.nba.com/pacers/news/lance-stephenson-team-option-180625# I found the link the Pacers just posted about it on their FB page. Now who should get in FA to replace Lance????
  9. I think we should keep them because its not their fault and they were also duped and the Loser McDaniels didn't even call them saying that he was not coming. I bet they are so mad and I would be too if I was them. I say we should keep them but that is not up to me that is up to the new Colts HC.
  10. Woohoo Congratulations to Victor on making his first all star game, Well deserved!, https://clutchpoints.com/russell-westbrook-kristaps-porzingis-lead-nba-2018-star-reserves/
  11. He is my underdog favorite that is for sure and it would be something special if he does win and beat out the favorites, He is also owned by the famous horse farms in Kentucky, Calumet Farm's but under new ownership the farm is finally rising back up.. http://www.bloodhorse.com/horse-racing/articles/221334/one-eyed-patch-something-special-in-pletcher-barn?utm_source=BHFB&utm_medium=social
  12. I am really excited about Chris! I think he meant what he said and I like when he said that there is No I, and its always a team effort and when he screws up he will own up to it, and not place blame to the other guy. He seems like a down to earth guy and not arrogant at all. I can't wait to see what he does to the Colts I think he will do great with the Colts and managing the Colts and I think he will get in the right players. He is a whole lot better than Grigson who was arrogant and did not own up to his mistakes he placed the blame on other people.
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