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  1. "Victor I need to go back in the gym and work on my free throws" I just love Dipo he will always work hard and practice hard and he knows what to work on and etc.
  2. Finally it’s game night. Let’s get the 2018-2019 Pacers season started.
  3. Pacers and Myles Turner agreed to a 4-year extension for 80 million. https://fox59.com/2018/10/15/myles-turner-reportedly-agrees-to-four-year-80m-extension-with-pacers/
  4. Anybody watching the Pacers first preseason game against the Rockets tonight? Or am I the only one since the Colts are also playing? Lol. I skipped the Colts game because I wanted to watch the pacers first preseason game, I will flip it over to the Colts once the Pacers game is over. But I like what I am seeing with this year's Pacers team the team chemistry is still there from last season and their play has not lost a step either from last season. I know it's the first preseason, I love what I am seeing and they have improved from last season.
  5. Has anyone heard about this rumor? https://clutchpoints.com/lakers-news-call-pacers-take-back-lance-stephenson/
  6. Tyreke Evans just signed a one year deal with the Pacers for 12 million. Per Bleacher Report.
  7. Pacers has declined the option for guard Joe Young. He'll will become a free agent. Per Adrian Wojnarwoski
  8. I found it just came out on their FB Page. Now who are we going to replace Lance??? https://www.nba.com/pacers/news/lance-stephenson-team-option-180625# I found the link the Pacers just posted about it on their FB page. Now who should get in FA to replace Lance????
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