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  1. I'm not picking a fight, and I have not been banned before. You need to calm down. If you are going to say something as stupid as "how about those colts against mobile qbs" and we go undefeated against them you may want to grow up because you are definitely going to get a response from other colts fans. Winning is the only thing that matters. A win is a win. It doesnt matter how much trouble someone gives you if you beat them. At the very least, it makes it seem foolish to point to how a team didnt do horrible against us and make that into some awkward ridiculous insult. We beat mobile QBs e
  2. You said we had trouble beating mobile QBs We were 5-0 against moobile QBs The sad part is, that was probably 8/10 on your effort scale.
  3. I dont need to use effort to come up with something to say about Texans. Their record says it all. What would you say your "the colts suck at defending mobile Qbs" gets on your made up "effort scale"
  4. I guess its just like how people who claim these old football players had it so much tougher because "you could hold all the way down the field and mug receivers". While the passing rules have helped the offense, it is ridiculous how far people exaggerate this point to make up for the lack of talent Unitas played against compared to now.
  5. Some very good points. You guys have all changed my mind a little, but the main point like many of you have pointed out is seeing who is available when we pick. If there isnt a good safety available, meaning we aren't reaching, then I would only be okay taking a olb if he is a hoss. To be fair, I never heard of Jeremiah Attouchu until I was reading here. I watched his Clemson tape and was blown away. I could definitely get on board with taking a guy like him at 59. One of my weaknesses is only focusing on players who play positions of need. Therefore, Ill admit it is tough to me to contribut
  6. I think youre pretty much right. I thought Werner did end up playing a lot of SAM which wasnt intended I dont think. Correct me if I am wrong. Didnt most of his pass rushing come from having his hand in the dirt?
  7. So you're outright denying eminent domain is what youre saying?
  8. I just dont see the need to find starter material for the fourth position on the depth chart at olb. I would rather fill a position where there is no clear starter than waste picks where we have 3 people we know can start. We have bigger needs than shoving another player into the OLB rotation so we have four solid OLBers and NO FS.
  9. Also, while I dont know yet if Chapman is "that guy" I think we have to let him off the leash at least one year to see.
  10. True. I think in the our first 2 rounds, if we dont take a db it is a waste.
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