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  1. You do realize this probably means peyton either retires or is traded. There isnt going to be a magic bullet when you clean house like this. Its going to be a process and could take a few years. Plus all the defensive players we draft have develop.
  2. Be careful what you wish for. Your probably going to see a complete cleaning plus players and we are going to have some rough years. But if it is done right it could be fun seeing a new team develope.Peyton will probably retire or be gone and the luck era is going to start. I dont think this is anything to cheer about
  3. Well be prepared for a few rough years as we are going to be starting new. Peyton will either retire or will be traded. Reggie will be gone. The luck era will start.
  4. I am in ffort wayne and crocodile dundee is on. Since fox only gets one game I guess they decided to show the bears here
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