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  1. I don't think we should get him because we already are going to have a solid running game (hopefully) with Gore and Herron and IMO when Gore retires or leaves I think Herron has the opportunity to do something great. BTW nice title
  2. Wait what? Domestic violence by a female actually being reported? I'm surprised they aren't calling that woman "strong and brave" and Walden "weak and evil" like all the other cases similar to this started by females...smh... *waits for feminazis*...
  3. Oh my bad, I didn't see that DeMarco Cox was a heavily recruited high school football player, my bad!
  4. Why do we keep signing basketball players? We signed Erik Swoope and last year he wasn't too great for us given the limited number of downs he played (Im probably wrong so correct me if I am)
  5. Who does everyone have winning the NCAA tournament?

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    2. T Y Goodbye

      T Y Goodbye

      I went with Wisconsin over Nova in the finals, with Kentucky losing to Notre Dame

    3. radiogirl


      Would LOVE to see Notre Dame take it all!

    4. southwest1


      Thanks for the Bo Ryan Badger props there TYG. I appreciate that. You're alright brother; You're alright. :)

  6. Who does everyone believe we should pick up in the draft? I believe we should go all out for Landon Collins as he would greatly compliment our defense in an area we need most? What do you guys think?
  7. Luck Dynasty

    1. CR91


      he has the beard to match haha

    2. Nadine
    3. BrentMc11


      Happy, Happy, Happy.....:)

  8. What I mean is like Robert Mathis type... He is not skinny but he is built and very muscular. He also has speed which I believe is very important for the D-Line to have to get past slower O-Linemen
  9. As I was watching the Colts game Sunday night I saw many things the Colts could improve on and many things the Colts did well. Things We Did Well 1) Our run defense looked fairly decent. Monte Ball and C.J. Anderson combined for only 94 yards, which is an improvement (in my opinion) of our run defense last year. 2) In the second half, our defense really turned it up a notch... I don't know what was said to the defense at halftime but boy did it work... 3) The offensive coordinator changed it up and called some pretty creative plays, which I liked... Although there was one questionable call
  10. I hope all three backs (Richardson, Bradshaw, Ballard) get to see playing time this year... I know for a fact TRich is good and the same with Bradshaw and two years ago, I was impressed with Vick Ballards running style
  11. Yeah so did I, although Da'Rick Rogers did make some big plays last year...
  12. I don't blame him, the Texans suck... Although it would benefit him to go to a better team, what would that do to the team image? Imagine being Jadeveon Clowney... The team lets Andre Johnson go, so what would that tell him? It would tell him that the Texans aren't ready to win, but he wants to win (obviously)
  13. BULL CRAP! how is Robert Quinn and JJ Watt ahead of him! He should be in the top 10!
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