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  1. Don't forget these so called experts said the NFC West was the best division in the NFL. I'm not saying that ours is the best, because it's not, but two more wins, one in Indy and the other on the road, and we own that division. Just saying.
  2. We might not have a rival in the AFC South, but if Luck vs. Tannehill becomes a perennial game, we could get some more attention at least during these matchups.
  3. Good analysis, and I agree. The Colts can do this, but they'll have to keep pace with the Patriots. I think it's time to get the rookies up to speed and turn loose a no huddle offense. I know it didn't work so well for Manning, but I think Luck can get it going if the other rookies are up to the task because this is a different team than the Pats have ever played. We can get this done. Chuckstrong!
  4. My first game at Lucas Oil Stadium
  5. My daughters' first Cols game
  6. Loved being at the game to cheer on a Colts win.
  7. This one's for the coach. CHUCKSTRONG
  8. I honestly would not be sorry to see Caldwell go. It has been frustrating, to put it mildly, that he does not try to go for a score on the last posession of the first half. When we had leads it was understandable, but when we were down I wanted to shout at him every time. Even on Sunday when we beat the Titans I couldn't believe he didn't try with plenty of time and timeouts to try to move the ball at least into field goal range, which could have tied it up. We have done so much off of Vinateiri's foot and he was doing great in warmups (I was at Lucas Oil Stadium). Pittsburgh at least tri
  9. Joshua Ford

    Ford Family

    My wife, kids, and I showing our support for the Colts.
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