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  1. A pretty good one. Do you think that have a better grasp of being an NFL quarterback than a former quarterback? Maybe I'm being presumptuous, but I think the guy who has been there and done that has a better handle on the position than someone who has only watched from afar.
  2. Those two comments would be called questions. You do know how to answer questions, don't you? I'm just wondering if a commentator must first talk about Luck in order to have the credibility to speak about another. That was the greatest throw out of bounds I have ever seen.
  3. Which chain restaurant makes the best burger in your opinion?
  4. But he does have much greater knowledge as to what it takes to be a success at the position.
  5. I heard him say word for word "I haven't given up yet on RGIII". That's it. Do people like you want Luck to be the only QB anyone ever talks about? When they mention another is it always a slam against Luck? Is Andrew Luck the center of the universe?
  6. They don't know much, but they can guess like anyone.
  7. I don't really care what he says, so I won't search for it.
  8. The point I was making is simple. It's quite dumb to claim that a man who played the QB position at every level does not know what it takes to be successful. I would say he has a better handle on what it takes than a guy on a message board.
  9. Actually Bayless has publicly said that he's just not ready to give up on Griffin yet. Injury has had a major impact upon his career so far. It's not an issue of "being wrong" about him. RGIII has demonstrated that he can be a very credible offensive threat.
  10. So, does this mean that any QB who has led his team to three post season appearances in his first three seasons with a championship to boot is also a HOF lock?
  11. He wouldn't come close to my list of the top five today
  12. Trent Dilfer is considered one of the finest analysts out there. He sure wasn't much of a QB.
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