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  1. What are you going on about? Just admit you have no idea what you're talking about, and the Richardson trade was one of the worst(if not the worst) in franchise history.
  2. Well he's inactive for the biggest game of the year, so I think my point has been proven, and clearly the decision makers of this organization agree with me. Thanks for playing.
  3. No, T Rich needs to be on the inactive list. He is good nowhere on the field and is nothing but a liability. Using him in the run game is a waste of a down, and using him out of the backfield is a waste of a down. Give it up already, the guy is just a TERRIBLE football player. There is really nothing more to it. This is his last 53 man roster spot in the NFL, I guarantee it.
  4. Please just cut this guy already. He's an absolute bust. His vision is terrible, he has no burst, his yards after contact are abysmal. Grigson got absolutely fleeced and is just digging this team into a deeper hole. Aside from having Luck fall into his lap what has he done exactly? New season, same ol' Trent Richardson. He's shown absolutely nothing in his career so far yet people still think he can be a starting back in this league. Sorry to burst all your bubbles, but this isn't college. If it was, JaMarcus Russell would still be starting for the Raiders.
  5. Surprise, surprise. This guy is such a bum.
  6. Uh, what? Half of the 49ers team is leaving in a year? The Saints having no cap space means they won't be good anymore? They haven't had cap space for the last four years. Seahawks are a young, deep team, they aren't going anywhere.
  7. What a dumb post that fails to address anything I mentioned in mine. You compared a 4th and 5th round pick for a back who never had any major injury to a first round draft pick to a guy who had knee surgery. As for the ACL comment, that was an error on my part. I meant cartilage surgery, which is serious in itself. That I will own up to.
  8. This. Some people fail to grasp the simplest of concepts all so they can defend Grigson for some laughable reason.
  9. Doesn't mean he will play for the minimum. He's going to get a bigger contract than that from someone out there.
  10. How in the world does a fourth rounder and a fifth rounder two years later equate to a first round pick? And I had no idea in your world that an ankle sprain had the same effect on a runner as a torn ACL. There is not a person on this planet that can defend this trade barring Trent Richardson magically becoming an all-pro running back, and based off of his current time playing in the NFL, that will not happen. No one has any evidence to back the claim up that Richardson will magically become a good running back and be worth a first round draft pick. College is college, end of discussion.
  11. Hard not to be in the mix when the AFC is as bad as it currently is, the NFCCG was probably the Super Bowl in all honesty. The Broncos are going to be contenders until Peyton gets destroyed by injuries like Favre in his last year or retires. I don't see any other outcome.
  12. They also didn't blow a first rounder on a running back with shot knees and no breakaway speed which helped their cause and allowed them more chances to hit on draft picks in the rookie wage scale world. You win in this league by drafting, plain and simple. It's been the model of consistent, successful franchises for years. Trading first and second rounders for anything other than a potential starting quarterback is a death wish.
  13. Great news, another key to building a successful franchise, re-signing those players that perform well for you. Corners like Vontae are very hard to find and his value is immense. It'll be nice to pair him up with another talented corner.
  14. Great observation. You can't run the football when the offensive line is dominated at the line of scrimmage, it doesn't matter who's back there.
  15. Defense has always been better than offense and has been proved year after year after year. Anyone preaching that a better offense is more critical to success than a better defense is full of it and completely oblivious to the stats. The best defensive teams almost always win the Super Bowl, those 19-1 Patriots who looked unbeatable were swarmed by the best defensive line I've seen in years from the Giants and they crushed their gameplay. The greatest offensive team in the NFL history last night was manhandled by a team that looked as if there were 15 defenders on the field at a time. With that said, our future is bright. Consistent quarterback play is also a deciding factor, and we have an incredible quarterback in Luck. Pair him up with a vicious defense and this team becomes an AFC powerhouse for the next 10 years.
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