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  1. Well, this just isn't true at all. Revis digress? Davis better than Revis? Two quality corner couldn't coexist? Just no.
  2. No, I don't know what happened there.
  3. Give them this a 1st this year, next year's 2nd and 3rd. Maybe a player thrown in. Revis is the best defensive player in the league when healthy.
  4. Is he a football player or a bodybuilder? jk, but don't want him. Rather draft Elam.
  5. Yes, but what if that pressing need is in fact WR? What if we have a solid o-line and promising players on defense come next offseason? Atlanta had needs too, but they felt WR was the biggest. With Reggie's contract almost being up couldn't you argue that getting a quality WR is our most pressing need?
  6. I wouldn't have a problem with that. An Aaron Dobson, Dan Buckner or Justin Hunter would be nice. I just get all giddy when thinking what Luck could do with a WR of Watkins' caliber. Especially after seeing what Ryan is doing with Julio. I know the starting post describes the least likely scenario.
  7. What if we don't have that many pressing needs next year? This offseason is unusual for us with this much money to spend. Add a solid draft. You never know.
  8. I firmly believe Grigson and co. will go heavy on defense in this upcoming draft, while the o-line will be strengthened in FA. However, one position that's not going to be addressed in either the draft or FA is WR. Reggie is still playing at a very high level, TY looks like the right deal as a future 2 (maybe a 1 - time will tell. BUT the premise of this post is that he'll be a our future 2), and I expect Brazill/Palmer to contribute more next season. With our new OC we will be using our TEs a lot more, which is another reason why I don't think WR is a priority this offseason. Now to the po
  9. That's too bad. Nice upgrade for the Pats though. Guess we'll have to find one in FA or the draft.
  10. TY Hilton is our Randall Cobb, and the latter seems to be just fine in a WCO.
  11. I'd rather have Mike Wallace, but ONLY if BA stays. Wallace knows BA's offense and would instantly be a 1000 yard receiver. Wayne, Wallace, Hilton, Brazill and Whalen. Sounds good to me. Fleener and Allen to provide the size. Brown and Vick to run it. O-line upgraded too, of course. This offense could be scary.
  12. I'd prefer Bowe or Wallace. I can also live with Wayne, Hilton, drafpick, Brazill, Whalen.
  13. I'm dead serious. No one can do what he does. In terms of ability there is simply no one like him. He can do it all. His talents will bring him and the Packers more Super Bowls. In terms of achievements, he already won a Super Bowl, so he's gotten the monkey off his back. Had a GOAT regular season in 2011. Actually, when you look closer Rodgers season is just as impressive as 2004 Manning, and better than 2007 Brady. Had Rodgers played in the last game against Detroit in the 2011 season and also not been pulled out of the 2-3 game in the 3rd or 4th quarter during the regular season, he would
  14. Avery should not be resigned. Even if Gavin thinks he our second best receiver, he's too inconsistent, and he hasn't got a rookie excuse. Bowe > Avery.
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