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  1. Well...... I hope so, but I have seen some garbage play from some OL that went on game after game, after game.....
  2. You may be right on TY On the TEs, so far, Fleener has become a decent target, but to me, isn't a complete player. To me, he is a big WR, in our offense, I dont think we will be giving him huge money. On Allen, the guy is a more complete player, BUT...... he seems to have trouble being healthy. This year will develop the market for both TEs. If they both stay the same, I dont look for them to break the bank....... If they both have monster years.... we may be mortgaging the farm........ With so many improved recievers, I dont know how either get the stats....... We will see
  3. Its a great roster, with some glaring holes.......... Its boring to chat about the good stuff........ The glaring holes are easy forum (disagreements) chatter........... I am glad I never stoop that low.........
  4. That's a great point. In many cases, the players that seem to give the hometown discount, and / or willing to play for less, are the ones that are veterans who want to win a SB, or have a chance at a SB. If you are a young guy, and havent had that one fat contract, you may opt for the biggest money. Unfortunately. Hilton hasn't had his payday yet I hope we can find a way to keep him, but in my book its iffy.(I think 50/50 like some other posters) The biggest contract to watch for is Dez Bryant. In 2014, TY had similar numbers to Dez. If Dez gets 15....... (He will).... Ty will want 15 If Carter, Moncrief, and Dorsett develop, you may see Hilton go I hate to say it, but this IS a cold business These players have to watch out for themselves........ one injury, and you can be cooked. With the monster luck contract, as well as AC. (He will demand top 10 money at LT if not top 5) and with the TE situation as well.......... it will be tough If the 3 new WRs develop, you could very well see a sign and trade of TY next offseason. You cant pay everyone top money..... never forget.... its a business
  5. Yet to be determined But, I really am not excited by Chapman. When we drafted him he seemed like a great pick (where we got him) He may be carrying too much weight, but I see a guy who gets no penetration, and gets moved back Parry may need some coaching and some weight room, but sometimes the shorter stronger guy with some movement can get under the larger OL pads and is tough to block because of leverage
  6. I don't think anyone is writing him off He was our 2nd best lineman last year. He just lacks in the run blocking side IMHO, that is needed to get holes opened
  7. Latches on is great in the passing game Latches on is not so good in the run game, if there is no movement. I am not sure what tight hips are. We have no FB in most cases....... The OL MUST open holes for the running attack to be successful. I think our LT is getting better and better at moving a DE around on running plays. Other than him, we really dont have that push anywhere I hope Heremans can do it.
  8. It creates a HUGE mismatch, and someone should be open I bet we start to see nickle packages on first down......... Gore will gain some nice yards
  9. I think Mewhort did very well at pass blocking. Its the run blocking where I believe he isnt at his best. Our RBs didnt do well running left or right..... there weren't holes He cant seem to move people out of way
  10. This article makes me want Evan Mathis on this team IF we really want a running attack, we need some people that can run block.......... easy logic... right? Some of the teams have 2 guards on this list..........
  11. A very accurate opinion on Mewhort, IMHO http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2472425-br-nfl-1000-ranking-the-top-70-guards-from-2014/page/23 They also dont think he can run block very well I really think this guy deserves a chance to be our RT Good enough at LG? Great at RT?
  12. Its a tough message for a 22 year old........ Think back to THOSE days folks....... My "logic" then wasn't ------- logical
  13. I heard one or two people say that he would be the replacement for TY At first, I didnt think so. However, looking at the contracts that Larry F and Calvin Johnson recieved (Over 16 mil) I bet Dez gets 16 to 18m,......... it makes me wonder I truly like TY, but is he worth 16 mil? His agent may want that number........ Can we afford 16m AND still pay Luck and the others that are coming up..... I dont know
  14. This IS actually a business question This does really come down to TY and his agent Does he seek top WR money? Does his agent want Calvin Johnson money? (16.2 million) Does his agent want Larry F money? (16.1 million) Dez Bryants STARTING request will be 16 plus or Does his agent want Percy Harmon money (12 mil) I say if its 8 -10 mill.... yes! But..... Love the guy and all, but looking at the salaries, ........ it makes you wonder if the guy is going to want to be paid less I dont think we have 12-16 million for TY With the coming insane (but worth it) Luck Salary ---- (He will be paid the highest in the NFL) We wont be able to tie up so much a few players, IMHO
  15. I really like this move....... to me, having a player of this caliber, could be the difference that gets us to, and wins us the SB...... THIS YEAR! A 2 year deal, allows us to not be stuck for the long haul DO IT!
  16. We want to go as LONG as possible on his rookie contract..........
  17. I about spit my coffee on my desk.......
  18. We are the only team in the NFL to my knowledge that puts this stuff up Championship?........ absolutely Division win..... maybe runner up....... NAH ... Come to think about it, I havent seen this stuff at pro Hockey or Basketball To me....... it deters from the championships..... and looks like a participation trophy http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/eye-on-football/25211107/colts-hang-afc-finalist-banner-at-stadium-internet-laughs-at-them Its a bit silly IMHO
  19. Love my Colts.... but The banner thing is a bit ridiculous If you go to other stadiums, they dont make a banner for division championships Its like a star on the fridge.......
  20. I was thinking he might deserve a try at NT because of way he played (and before he gained a few LBs) at the Ravens as a really big run stuffing specialist DE. And....... because I think that we need to get our best 3 DL on the field at the same time. I may be too high on Anderson, as many rookies dont pan out, but he seems to have all the tools to at least be better than what we had.
  21. Ouch.... Of course, maybe you could change things and make the playoffs and SB in the first seven games........ The games that mattered...the last 10.......... Chapman just wasnt there....... Wacko? OK, been called worse
  22. Doyle really isnt a bad player. I consider him quality depth If Swoop comes on, you will have 4 valid players for 3 spots (or maybe even 2 spots) At least one quality player will be gone
  23. You may be right, but Allen to me, is still more potential and quite honestly a bit of a risk to the Colts as he hasnt beaten the injury bug Thats why I would consider him. I do believe that some of the reps that Fleener took last year will be taken by a WR
  24. Manning didnt get hit nearly as much as Luck is .... it matters, and contributes to the fumbles
  25. I agree. It will be tough I like Carter to be number 5 at WR Cam Johnson REALLY has to show something to stay Gore, Robinson, Herron, Tipton to PS But, depending on Development.... we will have one TE too many I dont think that they move Fleener, Swoop, or Doyle I think the person that COULD get traded is Is Allen I believe him to have some trade value, like a late 2nd. Swoop or Doyle dont have the value.
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