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  1. I think you wish to argue......... "LOL" ? Im sorry if I am not as brilliant as you..... im just an average old dude behind a keyoard If Moss gets in, I would NOT be suprised...... you are probably right......He had a few years, where he was awesome and unstoppable... Dont miss my point. I didnt say BB had scrubs around Brady. My point is, and to clarify, some of the well known coaches (Lombardi, Noll, Shula) had generally MORE HOF players at one time than BB did. Thats my main point. Also The thing about BB is, he seems to have the right gameplan called out more tha
  2. Who is saying that he wasnt a "kick Arssse" football player.......? He was a very good player........ VERY GOOD Hall of Fame.... Nope There are quite a few players that have the stats that need need to get in.... (Marvin Harrison) As time goes by, the Patriot very good.... VERY GOOD players will be forgotten...... and NOT make the HOF Brady .... YES Moss..... Maybe Maybe 2-3 others that at the best maybes......... as time goes by, they will be not on consideration
  3. I respectfully disagree Tedy Bruschi? - 1 pro bowl, Not going to happen IMHO Rodney Harrison? - 2 pro bowls, not going to happen IMHO Willie McGinest? 2 Pro bowls, not going to happen IMHO Ty Law? - Best chance IMHO...... 5 Pro Bowls....... (You may be right) Vince Wilfolk? - Also a better chance than the others... 5 pro bowls ... (You may be right there as well) Either way, I still think that BB is the best coach that the NFL has ever seen. I would take him in a new york minute But......... not going to happen
  4. A bit unralistic, but..... Bill B. has made some mistakes and crossed the line. He shouldnt have done that Irregardless....... Bill B. is the best HC this league has EVER seen As a point Think about the Lombardi led Packers (60's) - They won and had NINE Hall of Fame players...... NINE!!!! Think about the Chuck Noll led Steelers (70's) - They won and had NINE Hall of Fame players ....... NINE!!! Think about the Walsh led 49ers (80's) = They won and had SEVEN Hall of Fame players ........ SEVEN! Think about Shula and the Dolphins (early 70s) - They won and had FIVE Hall
  5. We havent hit our stride If we are lucky with injury, and can win the games we should, we can come in to the playoffs ok. If the cylinders are all runiing, we can beat everyone in the AFC. The only exception..... the Patriots Hate them, want to see them stepped on like a bug, wish Brady the worst luck........ But They are in a whole different class. All cheating aside...... there isnt a better coach in the NFL than Bill B. Brady is looking amazing (I just threw up in my mouth...) But its true We dont seem to have the answer We COULD beat anyone in the NFL, if Luck is on
  6. Average......... Indiana Averages Nothing more...... Nothing less
  7. The smiley, usually means a joke for most people I dont believe that DQ is on roids...... just a joke,,,, Are you his relative? DQ seems much faster this year You cant coach fast..... he is a 10 year vet...... so another year of experience didnt do it either, ....... practice? I wish I could make myself faster by practice............................... I am an old 53 year old dude.... so my track star days aint happening
  8. He seemed to gain some wheels this year........... He was a slug last year......... Steroids?
  9. I have to say that Reitz looked well as a RT (I would still rather have him at LG)
  10. Improved pass blocking, but we continue to massively suck on run blocking Mewhort is 1/2 a player at Guard He pass blocks very well........ He STINKS with moving the pile Keep him at LG...... we will continue to have problems running that way
  11. I think you have hit the points I might change the words to "add 2 quality players to OL" I think we are set at LT, I think we are set with Mewhort (I like him better as a RT) I think if Holmes gets some healthy time to develop, we will be ok there. On item 2, I think this is part of it.... BUT..... LUCK cant just wing the ball into double (or triple) coverage Part of our problem IS LUCK! (He has regressed) On item 3, I agree 100% The game plan is done by the HC.......... We seem to come out flat almost every game....... We seem to be surprised by the other teams game plan ALWAYS
  12. Needs on the team are OG S OLB CB As it sits now, If I am drafting, I would just keep adding BPA in any of these 4 spots.
  13. Guys....... Its all my fault...... I apologize....
  14. You need to stop your poor attitude They are HOF!! Obviously the OP isnt saying HOF........... I am excited about these two, but lets see what happens the rest of the year
  15. I am not advocarting a mid season coaching change BUT........ If we lost Sunday............. It COULD very well happen We arent ready for game one We arent ready for game two If we arent ready for game three??????
  16. If you turn the ball over more than the other guy........ you lose We turned the ball over more than the other guy..............
  17. Luck HAS to find the open spot, when they blitz (They will) To me this is mostly a timing issue Luck didnt have it last week with his WRs When they send 7 guys... someone is open Luck needs to just slow down We also need to run some draws and screens, (AND THEN BLOCK the second line) that will slow the blitzes down
  18. Good I think can be a great back up to either tackle I do think that Reitz needs to move IMMEDIATELY to LG He has the power to push the pile I truly dont understand the love for Mewhort at Left Guard and the constant clamoring for his return there. If you watched the games, Mewhort did a very good job at pass protect at the left G position HOWEVER He was a liability in the run game...... he NEVER pushed the pile, he could never open a hole He was a HUGE contributing factor to our run game being a joke As a Guard, he needs to be able to move a 310-350Lb DT or NT out of t
  19. I would draft 2 guards next year... we need them Our future talent at guard IS NOT on this team
  20. Finding a good tackle is MUCH harder than finding a good Guard Mewhort isnt going back to LG......... I believe he will just keep getting better (Hope) You can see the progression already The line looked worse, because Buffalo would send 6-7 guys every play as blitzers No line can consistently look good in that world Our bigger problem at Buffalo was the WRs not getting separation AND Luck being WAY off the mark It will get better as we game plan for this stuff
  21. Lets see The Colts DL is completely different from last year.... and actually played better than any line combination from last year. (They will only get better as they work together in game situations) The OL is different from last year. They werent awesome, but unless I am mistaken, Luck was hit LESS than any individual game last year. This was agianst a top 3 DL. (They will only get better as they work together in game situations) The WRs have changed. Its common knowledge that we impoved the total WR corps. On the number one passing team last year. (They will only get better as they
  22. Crazy title........ right? My point is, the blitz came on Sunday.... and we were unprepared. Quick, very accurate timing plays can usually defeat the blitz It was clear to me that the WRs and Luck were not on the same page Lucks passes were enough off, that we couldnt exploit these opportunities This is an early season problem that we will improve on (Supposedly Luck is the best in the NFL against a blitz....... ) Give this some time....... You may see some of these blitzs practiced this week from our defense in expectation of the Jets doing the same I think Luck will get
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