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  1. Holmes looked good on most plays, when allowed to play, give him some time to develop
  2. " It's also reported that he has suffered a foot injury. Foot injuries basically killed Ahmad Bradshaw's career. " The difference between Bradshaw and Coleman....... Coleman had a foot injury AND gained 2000 yards Bradshaw had foot injuries, and it pulled him off the field To me this speaks of Colemans toughness
  3. I think Mewhort to RT is a valid choice, but only if Gosden is hurt It is much easier to find a quality guard than a quality RT.... Much Mewhort spent most of his time at tackle in college. He was projected by most as a RT. Having him be a RT in the pros is not a stretch by any means He has the build for the position. AND.... if you watch him.... he doesnt move the pile at his current position. He pass blocks well, but needs a double team to move a NT out of a running lane. In our offense, the guards need to be able to push the pile for the running game to take off. I do think th
  4. Winston is a headcase in my opinion The stealing of food, his "event" with the girl....... Ryan Leaf II He is a cocky guy that the rest of the team, in the pro's arent going to put up with BUST!
  5. I like the write up, but rate Coleman higher He isnt as good as Gurley (IMHO) I think he goes to someone in the mid second round Coleman gained 2000 yards behind a mediocre offensive line at best, where he faced 8+ man boxes on every play. There was very little talent passing the ball. Every defense KNEW that he was getting the play He STILL got yards. I think this kid is scary in a true balanced offense, where the dbs and LBs cant tee off on the run every play.
  6. This is the first video I have seen of Gregory All the hype? I dont see it. He was owned I wonder if he was injured in this game.
  7. Good mock However, I think your first round pick will be there in the late to mid 2nd round I really think that we will need a DL with our first pick
  8. Ok...... I LIke it I think Carl Davis can be had early second round ( trade?)
  9. I think what is happening these days, is RBs are just not the hot commodity to take in the early part of round 1, except for the once in a great while A. Peterson type. None of the RBs in this draft are close. RBs tend to have a short life in the NFL vs a star OL, DL, or QB. If Gurley somehow slipped to us...... I would grab him. I think he doesn't make it past 25.
  10. Every year, teams move spots to get what they think will be better picks, or choose to get more picks, later. There are no guarantees in life. The player that you HAVE to have may be a dud. With that said, and knowing that we have quite a few players on this team that are developmental in nature, while knowing that you can only have a finite number on the roster....... There seems to be decent talent in early to mid round 2 , looking at the recent mocks It wouldn't surprise me at all if some of the later picks were traded to move down some spots in round 2 for our second pick.......
  11. Indiana U's All Americans on the INDIANA OL (1st, 2nd, and 3rd team)........ Zero ALL Big Ten OL from Indiana (1st and second team)........ Zero This guy DID NOT have a great OL.... but he still put up 7.5 ypc He will probably be a very good pro...... But who knows...... Just dont be surprised if the Colts pull the strings to get this guy....
  12. I have this gut feel that the Colts are going to package picks to put themselves in a position to draft him in the mid second round I feel like he is not a first round RB, and would not want the Colts to use the pick in that round The guy is a talent though He has a burst that is rare He got amazing yards when the defense knew he was going to get the ball and he ran most yard against an 8 man front ( the Indiana passing attack was weak at best)
  13. 2 playoff losses to Steelers 2 playoff losses to San Diego Loss to Miami (* kicker) 75 losses to the Patriots
  14. Do you use the first round on a player that comes in on 3rd down though.......?
  15. Toler, when healthy ...... Is better than average, Butler is also a good nickle back.... Give them a pass rush, and watch them improve...........
  16. It could go either way, but I don't see us improving the first round pick. If anything, I could see us trading out of the first for a very early second and more (where we could probably still get Davis from Iowa) The tempting move is to pick up an additional spot in the second to get some of the value there. But........ We will probably stand where we are I am seeing more mocks that have Goldman falling to us, which at 29, would be a great pickup
  17. I like the logic, but 1) I believe you can't trade compensary picks 2) I would get another safety vs CB in round 5......we are going to be needing 2 in the long run 3) somehow pass rush depth needs to be developed OLB
  18. If these are my choices Choice 1 Carl Davis Choice2 Erik Kendricks Choice 3...... Nobody else worthy at 29 Trade out..... Get picks
  19. There are no "locks" anywhere..... I hope you have a great day
  20. I wonder if Dupree is worth a look .... I really want a NT, but we need some pass rush as well
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