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  1. Maybe if Simon showed up for workouts he could of kept a little closer to Edelman. Still like Collins potential though, and as mentioned above this was years ago.
  2. From what I read the market for him is up to 6m AAV, so I would say close to Arthur Jones money.
  3. Alternatively, we fail to match his contract of something like 200k guaranteed because Grigson isn't very high on him and instead Grigson blows a first round pick and millions in guarantees on the next Heyward-Bey. All the while the word out of the CFL that Carter has matured proves true and he turns into the Cameron Wake of wide receivers and becomes a legitimate #1 WR with size and speed and we missed out on him all because Grigson was to enamored with drafting someone. The fact is Grigson and the scouting department will grade him like any other WR and base picking him or any other play
  4. Alternatively do you want a guy who can't make people miss and will turn the -1 to 1 yard runs the line will give him in to 1-4 yard runs by falling forward, or do you want a guy who can make people miss with shiftiness and speed and turn them in to 10 yard runs 1/5 times. Plus he'll add a major threat in the check down game that we have seen could be a big weapon. If Duke works out LB's won't be able to cover him and when safeties have to come down that's going to open up deep throws for TY and Moncrief.
  5. Love this guy for us in the 2nd. Would love to see him as Luck's check down target, Boom showed just how effective it was in the playoffs and Duke would bring it to another level. His size would definitely mean a few stuffs (we're used to that) but he has the home run potential to break one that we haven't really had since....?
  6. We have 69m on the book for 2016 and if you include the next two drafts your talking about 85m. Cuts like RJF, Landry, and if they don't work out D'Q Jackson and Cherlius means we're talking about ~60m on the book and a cap of 150m. Grigson takes grief rightfully so but we are set up fine for the 2012 draft class contracts as well as a couple FA pickups
  7. I only think you cut him if you plan to find an upgrade in the draft or FA. He's not worth what he's getting paid but he's better than just about every other player on the DL right now. The way we are set up going into 2016 I don't think we'll have any trouble fitting in contracts for 2012 signings.
  8. I'm interested to see what Newsome can do before we invest heavily there, that and if Mathis can come back at even 50% would be great. If we get a guy like Knighton or Williams to go with Jones I expect a lot more collapsed pockets too. For me Mccortry solve 1 of 2 positions for 3+ years. Yes we'll need someone to replace Adams soon but Mccourtry gives us time to see if Howell or Brown can handle it otherwise we look to the draft next year or so. Lot of money layed out in FA here not sure we can swing that. Also don't Thornton leaving Philly but would love him. I'm for trading d
  9. Numbers taken from Over The Cap - not including the newly reported 3m in Trich money incase it turns out not to be true. Cuts Landry - 1.4m savings - Hasn't done enough to justify another year Phillips - 2.6m savings - Didn't add anything Chapman - .7m - Lines just not been good enough, has to be casualties TRich - 0 - No point to keep him at this point, time to end the mistake Thomas - 3.2m - Injuries Ballard - .65m - Injuries Cap Space ~47m assuming 142m Cap Next season Resigning Freeman - 1yr / 2.3m - 2nd rd tender, he's good depth if nothing else. Hasselbeck / Backup QB - 2yr / 4m -
  10. 34 next season and wasn't signed until June this year, can't see him getting much. Hopefully he can keep his level of play up and Howell comes back healthy to give him some competition.
  11. I expect Boom, a mid round 3-5 draft pick, and someone cheap between Bradshaw, Gore or as mentioned Spiller to fill out the 3 RB slots heading into next year. Too hard to say what Ballard is at this point after two seasons out so I wouldn't count on him grabbing a spot.
  12. Considering we match up with the AFC East and NFC South next year plus Houston are still short a QB and Tennessee and Jacksonville are still short..... I really think we should be looking for a 12 or 13 win season. Playoffs are a crap shoot so get a bye would be my goal. Toughest games next year Home - Pats, Denver Road - Steelers, Bills / Texans(?) I honestly think this could be a 13 or 14 win season with a strong offseason and a little Andrew Luck.
  13. Terrance Knighton (NT) - Everything we hoped Hughes / Chapman would be he is, combine him with Jones and we may really have something Brian De La Puente (C/G) - Thought we should of signed him last year now we have another chance, versatile and better than anything we have at RG or C now. Duron Carter / Eddie Royal (WR) - We need more to take the pressure off TY, I expect Moncrief to take a big step this season but still not enough. For me that leaves OL, SS, ILB, RB as my first four picks in the draft (what round depends on value at pick).
  14. Like a lot of it, not sure how the numbers would work but I would definitely look at cutting Phillips 2.6m just because he doesn't really add anything. Even then it looks like there should be decent roll over for Luck, TY, AC etc... Big hole for me is still feel like the D-Line could use a bit more and I'm not sold on Spiller fixing anything so that would depend on the money I guess.
  15. I like drafting a CB in the second round, but I think someone needs to be brought in to shore up the safety position or the secondary will suffer. That and the RB position seems risky relying on Vick off ACL surgery and TR who had his struggles.
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