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  1. If the pats don't throw a fluke pick 6 this wouldn't have been as close as it was. Goes both ways..... I agree we played them better than the last several meetings.... That's not saying much tho.
  2. Who cares if they didn't "wow" you. We lost again. I hate this loser talk.
  3. This is why I like to watch the games and not just look at a stat sheet. I saw the patriots defense come up with multiple, crucial 3rd down stops to keep the patriots in the game when the offense wasn't doing anything at all. As I said I'm not saying the defense played great, but they were definitely a big part of the win. The patriots don't win that game without the defense coming up with multiple huge stops, which they did. I just felt like you were trying to make it seem like the offense did all the work and carried the defense and that is just simply not true. I think both the offense and
  4. I disagree, idk what games you were watching. I think the only bad game the patriots defense had was against the ravens. They weren't GREAT against the seahawks but they made more than enough important key stops to not be declared "awful". Do you not remember when the game was 24-14 and the patriots offense failed to score on their next like 3 drives? If the defense gives up a score on just one of those drives the patriots probably lose.. The defense more than held their own when they had to. That's not to even mention they were playing great to start the game too. The defense was a big part o
  5. You can throw that stat out the window when talking about the pats. Idk if you've been paying attention, but they have made the playoffs every single year except the year brady went down. SB victory or not, makes no difference with that franchise.
  6. We got smacked around by them four times because they are by far the more talented football team with outstanding coaching. You don't continuously get blown out by another team unless that team is just flat out better. This isn't rocket science.
  7. Oh man, all of those AFC east titles AFC championships and SB appearances must have been tough man.
  8. If the only ball significantly under the limit was the one the colts intercepted they would look more guilty than the patriots. I hope that's not the case. This whole deflate gate nonsense needs to just go away. I'm bored with this story now.
  9. This is how I took it. If everybody can convict the patriots of this deflatgate story before any facts or evidence proves it then they can do the same thing right back at us. The only ball 2 psi under was the one the colts intercepted? The colts CLEARLY tampered with the ball! I demand a full investigation! Damn cheaters! Pretty brilliant stuff I think. Not that I believe any of this deflate gate nonsense to be true.. But you reap what you sow.
  10. If it weren't for the best catch in superbowl history the seahawks would have not even been in that position. They got a bit lucky there themselves. The patriots earned this one. They made just enough plays to win. To the original question, to me it hurts more knowing that 9/10 we are gonna lose to them again next season.
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