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  1. No, they just said it in sports center. I have not heard it again. It looks like he is out for the year.
  2. I wouldn't make a big deal out if it considering how bad this division is this year.
  3. Nah, nothing like that. It is a play on my real name and my online name here. Just blue and that is all. A mod asked me not to use :36dancing: which I like better because the shades sort of match my picture. I am happy even with I point out something negative or positive.
  4. Doesn't that qualify as "baiting"? I don't have any agenda at all and I could care less what you believe. I am a Colts fan but I like to try and keep both feet on the ground too.
  5. I don't have an agenda. I think he is or will be a bust using your definition. You should draft a reliable starter in the first round and he isn't that. But, Grigson made sure he can't get that criticism for next year by trading that pick. I also think that was a mistake but I did admire the boldness of it and perhaps that will work out yet. Can a first round pick be a bust after two years?
  6. ESPN just reported that Miller is getting a second opinion. If he can get anyone to approve, I think he will brace it up and go in the playoffs.
  7. Right now, this draft is plain awful and the number one pick is a bust. But, I'll watch to see who from that draft starts next year. My guess is that none of them will but I hope you are right.
  8. We are talking now. He is a 1000 yard receiver on a bad team and he just broke Art Monk's team record. Washington got a bargain number one receiver when they signed him.
  9. Didn't they go 6-0 without Miller to start the season. Yes, it will hurt but if that defense plays anywhere close to average, they can still win it all. They have some other players who will be coming back for the playoffs.
  10. Garcon is a better receiver than anyone the Colts have outside of Reggie Wayne and perhaps not even him since the injury and his age.
  11. Yes, he did but I am not sure he ever had a draft as bad as this last one.
  12. Haven't you read the thread where most people still think Richardson was worth the number one pick? The Colts were completely fleeced by the Browns.
  13. Assuming he plays and if NE wins today he probably will.
  14. It would only matter who we took with that number one pick. Trent was never worth a high first round pick when the Browns took him. The Colts bailed them out. I would rarely take any running back in the first round except with the last pick or two. You can always find one. I'll bet there will be a very good O-lineman available with that pick. By making this trade, Grigson can no longer be taken to task over his pick in the first round (read Werner). I would not have traded the pick for Trent but I will admit it was a bold move.
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