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    Quantum mechanics and pratical applications, NLP, ghosts and the supernatural, cryptozoology, colts football, cooking, playing madden, movies, and ALL THINGS INDIANA.

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  1. i seriously doubt that very much. He‘s always been so warm and kind to fans.lol....i would face palm you right now, butmy phone won‘t allow it.
  2. Well, the vast majority of young chinese that follow the game are colts fans. I should get a bonus from irsay.
  3. No more rule changes! They just want fewer injuries. It relates to the gronk freak accident.
  4. i‘m all for starting him and seeing if he develops. And investing in our lines this coming season.
  5. that‘s the mike‘s job...not his. The man does his duty.
  6. He sucks at it.. old news. How hard can it be to simply obstruct the path of the rusher? Geez.
  7. you deserve a like for that, my fellow colts fan.
  8. Wow, you just admitted that brady is an alex smith type game manager. You are absolutely right am...he is.
  9. I betted on a colt‘s and panther superbowl back in april...almost won. Oh, well. I plan to bet the same amount every year on the colt‘s...sooner or later, i‘ll hit it.
  10. i don‘t remember you ever saying that. Proof?
  11. I also want to thank you for your military service. My brother in law is a member of the elite navy seals...only about 100 of those and he‘s due to become elite 6. Needless to say not too many drunkards give us any problems at games. One bad motha‘.
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