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  1. Seems like our LBs are a bunch of *s. 3 of them arrested in the past month.
  2. Werner is one of the best players in the league at not finishing plays, LaRon is up there too. Can't tell you how many times it looks like Werner will get a sack then completely fails.
  3. you're not supposed to be able to challenge this inside 2 minutes
  4. http://www.google.com/#q=hotels+near+lucas+oil+stadium&surl=1&safe=active
  5. This team will never be actually competitive in the playoffs until we clean house. The incompetence of the coaches/front office/ defense is alarming.
  6. His biggest problem is that he is just so damn slow off the handoff, he has no burst whatsoever, it's the main reason he never gets any runs longer than 5-7 yards.
  7. Because people don't want to trade picks after the Richardson disaster, and we have no one even close to as good as Mathis at linebacker.
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